Samsung sync master 570s tft display red colo

May 4, 2010 at 14:40:44
Specs: Win xp
my samsung sync master 570s tft is displaying red color during gaming, i can adjust colors via monitor buttons (osd) but it doesn't show good result. Thanks to intel xtrem graphic 2 i can adjust color and it shows good result but when it come to gaming it shows red color, i don't have v-card that why i play old games (right now i play clive barker undying). Are there any software that can control color during gaming?

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May 4, 2010 at 19:41:12
You can often change brightness settings in a game's settings, so you may be able to change color settings as well. However, since your monitor is 5 years old, that probably won't help, even if that's there.
The most likely cause of that red tint is the backlight is in the process of burning out. It's a CCFL - Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp - like all florescent lamps, it slowly gets dimmer as time goes by, and eventually it burns out. You often get an overall tint of the display, often red, in the later stages of the backlight burning out process.
Also, as time goes by, the default settings of the OSD of the monitor get out of adjustment - don't use the "Factory" or similar settings when the display is an older one - you can probably get a better result adjusting settings manually.

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