RTC - Real Time Clock modules

Dell / Mxc051 (inspiron 630m)
May 10, 2009 at 19:50:18
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Here's another probably unimportant question about obsolete technology...

Hey all,

I have a couple socket-7 boards with RTC (real time clock) modules (the kind with the integrated battery, which go into a socket on the board).

One has a Dallas DS12887, the other has a Houston HT12888A.


Following these genius instructions, I was able to "revive" the DS1287 in my 286. My next mini-project is doing the same to the DS12887 I have in the socket 7 board.

However, I have a problem...there is NO documentation for the Houston RTC modules out there, and they are not pin compatible.

I have found references to this information which DID once exist...but all links I find are now dead / go to holding pages. Someone, somewhere, knew how to do the same mod on the Houston chips, but the info is now gone.

I call out to you, Computing.Net, to please check through your old information and ask knowledgeable people you may know about this. The Houston chip is in a board I want to turn into a submerged PC (just for fun of course) but I want the CMOS settings to be able to be retained.


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May 10, 2009 at 20:05:18
I seem to have solved my own problem in the course of a couple minutes.

I am posting this to help anyone else looking for the info:


"Houston Tech
9639A1 16869V"

RTC module can be opened by tugging on its outer shell with pliers...I did this completely by accident. The button-cell battery is on top of the actual chip under that plastic cap, and can be de-soldered, then wire leads to a new external battery can be soldered to the old battery's location.

Experience proves this is NOT possible on Dallas chips; they are completely filled with a hard adhesive substance which must be carved/chipped away.


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