root settings and increasing duplicate instances of...

March 20, 2013 at 11:54:27
Specs: Windows 7
of programs..(visual), of devices I am unsure what they are for... and... where from.. how to proceed?

the more I read, dig into cryptic settings and config, I see more and more complexity rife with ugly potential and for which I have no need for..

can I and how best to go about strip down and then lock down.. as much as is practical.

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March 20, 2013 at 13:35:32
We can guess all day if you like but it would be better if you were more specific & not so cryptic yourself.

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March 20, 2013 at 14:36:39
I must get my Crystal Ball upgraded to Version 5. Version 4.7 doesn't sent seem to be able to do anything with this post. I think the ellipsis and lack of capitalisation is confusing it.


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March 20, 2013 at 18:27:00
my thanks for your sarcastic albeit useless input. clearly Iam a user, not an IT versed user, just a basic user. This needed no mention as it would've been surmised by any reader. However, you've demonstrated the keen ability to recognize the obvious. Further, you then feel compelled to enlighten all others. Seems it didn't occur to you that perhaps you are the juvenile whose life must be soo exciting and full that you derive some enjoyment from poking fun. Good for you. Goood boy. Now go sit down, back to your coloring book. Maybe big boy can keep it inside the lines this time.? Dunno?... may yet be out of your capabilities?

Any random can mock and sneer at others when being asked a question. Be more original , better still, next time you've nothing constructive to say to, don't interrupt whilst grown ups are discussing something.

Best wishes to you as you start the 7th grade big guy. In keeping with your mentality, allow me to speak in childish terms you may best understand: If I wanted to hear from an , I could have just farted.

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March 20, 2013 at 18:49:18
Thanks riider... and my apologies, I knew mine was very general, but the issues I ask about all share these seemingly common concerns.

in short, and I hope this can find some start, When asked to decide or determine what can be trusted or if I want to run something, or whether I need a component or program, service or other.... how does one determine this while doing so is largely based on searching for info... instance by instance, then making an educated(loosely) choice.?

Particularly when such means involve making security and safety decisions. I mean how to tell if the update is updating from where it supposed to or says it is?... same with a driver or a help file... cant these and many other things be subject to redirects, hacks, spoofs or whatever the proper term is?

If you can lend any insights, I am thankful for them.

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March 20, 2013 at 19:10:37
Seems it didn't occur to you that perhaps you are the juvenile...

Oh dear God, I wish I was. At a rough estimate I reckon I am about the fourth of fifth oldest on this forum and the oldest it over 70.

Incidentally my quote demonstrates the correct use of the ellipsis; not randomly scattered throughout the paragraph. The only thing I grasped from your post is that you have a poor grasp of written English. At least I am old enough to have learnt to write proper so that people can understand what I am saying.

I have deleted your other post on the same subject. Double posting is not allowed on this forum


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March 20, 2013 at 20:06:29
The people who are here to help and giving of their own time without any benefit to themselves. Even the forum's moderator are not being paid for their work (as far as I know). Sometimes a little bit of whit makes the criticism of a very poorly worded question easier to accept. Apparently not this time (I guess it takes a certain intellectual level and maturity to accept a mild joke at their own expense with grace). I am not using whit in this (just to make it clearer) because I think it might not be understood, and definitely not be accepted with grace. You apparently do not completely understand the proper structure of a sentence or that of a proper paragraph. I see that your elementary school teachers' lessons did not sink in with you.
Your rant was only slightly better written than your initial question and your final explanation only improved understanding of your problem marginally.
I think many others here will (like me) refrain from answering....
This time, it is too late (for me at least), maybe if you come back another time, you will try a bit harder to write a clear question with supporting details and offer respect to those who are here to help.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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March 20, 2013 at 23:27:08
Depending on how it got to where it is now, you may need to install drivers. Or sometimes if duplicate devices are showing up in device manager delete all instances of the device, reboot and see if windows then sorts it out.

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March 21, 2013 at 12:44:20
What is juvenile here is this exchange, I too am an adult, despite grammatical evidence to suggest otherwise. Touché ole boy. I mean no disrespect. It is however, aggravating enough to be up to elbows with mysterious and challenging technological issues, atop employee time, payrolls, vendors, timelines, taxes, hiring...etc.; but then,in the wee hours of the night, upon seeking some measure of intelligence by asking a question to start a discussion, what you find is that the only thing gleaned from your plea enough to muster a response, is the sarcastic critique of someone who seems to have the luxury of conviction about you. Only, "Conviction is luxury afforded only to those on the sideline." -Vince Lombardi

Now, while my daily grind does not mean a hill of beans to you or anyone else, it equally requires the same of you whether you choose to offer only mocking or you choose to offer a comment that may just enlighten another. Easy to examine in hindsight I know, as I know this is merely an opinion. Despite it likely reading as a bit condescending here or there, its not my ambition herein. (well maybe a smidge), but nonetheless the other stuff I offer whole hearted, in genuine need of insight, thinking this may be a good resource to find help. I've a small business, only ten employees, but I am the only one driving this bus, and whatever may come, not a thought goes to insuring there's a check for each of them every other week. Like in Goodfellas, I hope you're familiar... " burned down?.. f-you, pay me!; wife's sick?... f-you , pay me!" I've made my point and I digress. I apologize.

So, via an initial question surely to be followed by ancillary ones, I hoped to discover insight that can establish some measure of parameters to these security, stability and tech concerns. Simple yet apparently difficult for me to clearly explain questions like, can a security measure be taken over and updates or access or discovery then be modified, controlled and evade easy detection... remaining just out of sight just doing whatever it does, why??, I cant understand. How does a pain in the ass for one stranger prove to provide some beneficial effect to some other complete stranger? Never met, never will, haven't spoken, don't need to... in fact two or more for whom the very phenomenon of which I speak, is the sole common denominator.?! Strange times we live in... I recall some notion that computers were to and would make our lives easier.?, In as many and more ways it does I admit. It's the myriad of complexity that keeps steamrolling along, just imagining and configuring evermore gadgetry, connectivity, and integration. Which, is amazing and just is incredible what can be done... but this is my point... It is wholly terrifying just what C A N be done. To you,... for reasons you'll only wonder and from nothing you did. Its the corner I am facing at times. In escalating frequency I endure bothersome hiccups both in office network and from home office, whether local or remote networked, and when the dysfunction becomes distracting, then debilitating, I have called in the requisite qualified IT professional. Qualified is being kind as they mostly do the same or close to analysis or via some typically online scan, an evaluation is reached, and the options are offered. Begging my questions here about are those typically dependable.. apart from a complete wipe and reinstall, what can be relied on to be the clean safe benchmark whether to start from or to compare to. Actually, this raises another long held wonder of mine... Out of the box any software is presumably as publish as intended. Like any other, first thing is you require an update to bring current any updates, issues, patches, etc.. Now... in so doing, by going online while NOT current and theretofore vulnerable; can the process of maintaining protective measures be corrupted too.

Lastly, know that I've gone so far as to recently start from scratch, as there had been so many different chefs over time working on the same soup... my server; that the only way to rest assured that a configuration and setup would be from scratch was to do just that. start from scratch. 6desktops, three laptops, one server, and three network printers, one copier networked... as a firewall device. Just under over ten grand, and over the last half year, with one tech outfit from install forward, another four grand. Regrettably my data despite redundant backups, and my ease from assurance of secure and stable system seems to either resurfaced or remained, or even reoccurred from the install or from user behavior. My guess is both, regardless, the mysterious changes, additions, ever capabilities and functions that I've no use for and don't completely know what or why they are there... all keep building. The most recent visit, invoiced for over 500$, and by my estimation seem like breakdowns or problems as much from use as they are pointing to incorrect or lacking setup and or maintenance. This, despite clearly stating and demonstrating the goals via complete system overhaul. I am bewildered.
!5 grand, nearly a year since "fresh start"... and I've much of the same or same ish problems, and beg the same questions or answers.

And more.... as you pointed out... I write with the grammatical precision of a six year old.

What say you... guru?

Thanks, that felt sort of good, if you don't mind.


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March 21, 2013 at 13:08:59
thanks fingers... while your point is taken, I can still only think of one finger for you at the moment.

To all, forgive my casual somewhat conversation nature, I write stream of thought at times, and too often apparently, presume the reception was as intended.

The focus on the short falls could easily be laughed off or better, be accepted and make improvements if it were not alone, with no mention of the problem I am trying to convey, as if I was strategically vauge!

Don't speak of grace or of humor as if they stand alone as pillars of etiquette whether here or anywhere else. Particularly when showing no understanding or use for equally important notions like consideration, empathy, kindness, respect or perspective.

rocks in glass houses, pots calling kettles black...

To me its just another block, another intermediate step... a thought falling short of thoughtfulness.

My point remains, even if vague. You mistake critique for counter question. Mistake by omission.

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March 21, 2013 at 15:28:22
I don't think I have seen so much verbiage outside of a political gathering in all my life.


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March 23, 2013 at 01:06:39
DAVEINCAPS.... a sterling example of a helpful idea as a direction to look to for answers, insights, hints, facts, experiences, and ideas. Not super critical even whether it can answer directly or just leads to an answer matters little compared to a as I nor expecting just a simple, qwick
Many Many thanks to you. Tis all I hoped for; a start I would like to build upon, a version

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March 23, 2013 at 02:21:08
I don't believe that anyone can be quite so illiterate and incomprehensible without it being deliberate. I spy a Troll.

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