Risks of using old power supply

Compaq / Presario s4200nx
May 11, 2011 at 21:24:12
Specs: Ubuntu 10.10, Celeron 2.6GHz; 512MB
I have a Presario S4200NX that just had its power supply go out (power surge, the protector strip evidently didn't catch it). I replaced it with a power supply I scrapped from a (really old) Gateway computer. Things seem to be working normally but I'm wondering about two issues:

1) the new power supply lacks the 4-pin "ATX12V" cable (I think that's the one the motherboard has, anyway) but the computer seems to work fine without it (so I guess it wasn't powering the CPU, but what was it doing?)

2) the new power supply doesn't fill the space taken up by the old one so there are gaps to the outside of the case.

Are either of these problems serious enough that I need to go by a new power supply? Or if it seems to work fine, should I be happy with the current setup?

(Also: original power supply was 250W, the new one is 200W. Computer is all stock components, so no high-end graphics card or anything.)

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May 12, 2011 at 02:38:21
Considering the low cost of PSU's and the fact that they are probably one of the most crucial parts of a pc, i would recommend going out and buying a new one just for the piece of mind.

The standard PSU's you get in mass produced machines are rubbish, i would suggest a better surge strip too.

not sure why the computer works without the 4pin plugged in, maybe someone with a bit more knouwledge can answer that.

however, i would suggest a new, known brand PSU and a better surge strip.


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