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Netgear Dgnd3300 - rangemax dual band wi...
August 17, 2010 at 17:29:34
Specs: Windows Vista, AMD Athlon XP3000+
My current configuration for AT&T DSL service is a SpeedStream 5100 modem and a Dlink DIR625 router. We're currently using this network for a Vista PC, a Vista laptop, 2 Windows 7 laptops, a wireless printer, a WII console and a DS. The first computer user has always experienced slow downs when a second user begins downloading a file or watches a video. AT&T claimed it was a router problem.

Recently we've been experiencing a lot of DSL connection drop offs. The three main lights on the SpeedStream remain lit, but the Activity light stops flashing when this happens. AT&T told me that this indicates that their DSL connection is fine, and I'm probably having modem or router problems. I'm thinking of replacing the SpeedStream modem and Dlink router with an all-in-one modem/router. Is the netgear DGND3300-100NAS a good choice, or does someone have a better suggestion?


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August 17, 2010 at 19:17:49
May not improve anything. I'd start with one computer and try a few of the dsl speed tests.

For what it is worth. see my tag line. It took me a year to get att to fix my dsl. The speed tests really show if you are getting close to what you are paying for.

Next may be spyware and malware. Some computers really soak up a lot of bandwidth if they are infected.

Why did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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August 17, 2010 at 19:25:18
Did ATT sweep the line at the outside of your home?

Also check your dsl filters.One of the things they did was put a whole house filter on mine. Tech claimed the small ones on each phone have been failing.

You can also put your modem directly into the outside box if you have a long cable. Or a laptop and move modem outside.

The tech had been to my house like 50 times. He thought most of the modems seemed to fail completely. Not sort of fails.

Why did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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August 17, 2010 at 19:58:53
If there's nothing wrong with the SpeedStream 5100 modem and the Dlink DIR625 router, you may see no improvement from changing to different ones.

See Response 1 here:

The first part explains stuff about dropped wireless connections.

The second part -
Universal DSL/ADSL stuff - that causes poor or dropped connections.

High speed modems DO NOT re-set themselves to establish a better connection when an internet connection becomes poor then later becomes better again. The connection will remain poor, even when the led indicating you have a DSL, ADSL or Cable internet connection did not go out.

I have frequently had telephone line noise problems where I am, and sometimes I need to re-set the ADSL modem many times in a day. The connection can be fine for a while, then it becomes poor, e.g. after a thunderstorm, or a heavy rain, or a snow storm or blizzard, or a windstorm, etc.etc. The lines I connect to were probably installed in 1959 and as far as the owners of the home know (they've been in it since June 1960) the lines have not been changed since, except between the home and the lines on the poles in the alley.

To re-set your modem...

- if the modem has a switch, switch it off, then back on

- if it doesn't have a switch, unplug it's DC power connection at the modem, plug it back in again (pull on the DC plug, NOT THE CORD ! )

- in either case, WAIT a short time until the leds on the modem indicate you have a DSL or ADSL connection.

If the DSL or ADSL connection led does not come on in a short time, either you have a line noise problem at the moment , or your ISP is having a problem. According to my experiences with my ADSL ISP (Telus), they NEVER admit they have a problem unless they get flooded with complaint calls from an area.

There are two pieces of equipment for each DSL or ADSL connection - the high speed modem on your end, and a device that connects to your phone line at the nearest telephone exchange. It can be that device on the other end that is the problem, but it can be very hard to get the ISP to try another one on that end if it's only you that are having a problem.

I've seen that you may also need to re-set the router the same way, if you're using a wireless connection to it, but not anywhere near as often as you need to re-set the modem.

Some DSL and ADSL connections I've come across use a combo router / high speed modem. Re-setting that resets both the router and the modem.

If you can't get a satisfactory connection with a DSL ISP where you are, if you can get a cable modem connection, get that instead.

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