Removable media problems with Win98SE compute

July 24, 2009 at 15:46:54
Specs: Windows XP
I have a grip of old 5.25 floppies that I want to scan for anything of value before getting rid of them. It seems that I am unable to install the 5.25 floppy drive into a newer computer because the BIOS only supports 3.5 floppy drives. So I have resurrected to old PC. But I cannot read any removable media from 2 different CD drives, a 3.5 floppy drive, or the 5.25 floppy drive. Please note that each of the CD drives are on different controllers. The floppies are both on the same controller at the motherboard with the twisted ribbon cable. Windows recognizes ALL of them in explorer, but any attempt to access the media returns an error say that the drive is not accessible. There are no conflicts indicated in device manager. All of the cables have been checked and double checked. Each drive was introduced independently; first the 5.25 floppy, then one CD, then the 2nd CD, and finally the 3.5 floppy. I would like some help figuring out what is going on here.

Alternately, I could establish the 5.25 floppy as an external device on my XP machine, but I'm having trouble with the IDE to USB cable/converter/adapter that is needed for this. The IDE to USB devices that I'm seeing seem to be for HDD and not floppy drives. So, where do I get one that will work on the 5.25 floppy drive?

I'm referring to the following post by keoghjacob from 2008:
I made a problem in the first line i'll put the revised copy up.

I Have Proven It's Possible To Create A USB 5.25 Floppy Drive.
You'll Need:
1 External (Reccomended)or Internal 5.25 Floppy Drive
1 Serial to USB for External Floppy or IDE to USB for Internal Floppy cables
1 Computer With A USB compatible OS (Windows XP Reccomennded)and a USB Port

1. Get The 5.25 Floppy Drive (External Reccomended)

2. Connect the appropriate cable (Serial to USB for external) (Reccomended)

3. Insert The Finished Drive Into The Computer

If you notice I put reccomends for the drives to get A good working nice looking drive. I need help on making a driver for other OSs than Windows XP (Does'nt need a driver). I suggest extracing the USB "part" from a 1.44 floppy disk driver and mixing it with the normal 5.25 driver.

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July 24, 2009 at 17:42:36
I'm not sure if I'm reading this have stuff on 5.25 floppies you want to review before ditching them. Your current computer won't let you install a 5.25 floppy drive because BIOS does not support it. You have an old computer, but that computer is not able to read any media from optical or floppy disk drives of any kind. Each drive is on a separate controller (card?). You have an IDE to USB converter but it doesn't work with floppy drives, just IDE drives.

Is all that correct?

Based on my understanding, I would advise you to check the drivers for each controller on the older computer. If the drives are connected to PCI (or ISA) controller cards, you may need drivers to make them work, old Windows versions weren't so plug-'n-play as XP or Vista.

If the controller drivers are in order, make sure the PCI/ISA bus is installed/enabled on the computer's motherboard. Makes sure all the mobo drivers are installed, and make sure the correct bus is enabled in the BIOS.

Otherwise...try another computer.

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July 25, 2009 at 09:04:57
Thanks for your response! You did great, actually.

All the drivers should be there. The only thing added to this system since it was last in use is the 3.5 floppy (which should not need a driver). And besides that, since none of the drives are allowing me to read any media, there is no way for me to get any drivers introduced. That is why I am looking at the alternative of the IDE to USB converter so that I can attach the floppy drive to a different computer. But I'm having trouble locating the device as keoghjacob recommended.

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