Reformatted, get to the setup & goes black

October 9, 2010 at 21:26:28
Specs: Windows xp, 512
I am fixing a friends comp. It was going black on start up. It went through the windows logo, then after that black, but could hear it still loading. I went to safe mode, everything there, tried to change the resolution, it would go black again.

Then I went to VGA mode everything came up again with red lines. I then finally figured out how to format it as I am not familiar with Toshiba.

I got it reformatted, got to the setup up screen then went black!! Any help? I also took the ram out, as well as the hd, put back in. Kept the battery out as I heard that might help as the comp does get hot, so not sure if that's what's causing it, but it was running fine. Now I can't set it up.. Any idea's anyone????

Thanks for any help you can give me.. I am reformatting again to see again if I can get anywhere..

Ohhh I also see a little box in the top left corner that flashes a bit of color then gone..

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October 9, 2010 at 22:04:24
Since you can at least get it to boot up into BIOS it would be a good idea to check system temperature if that is available. The thing may just be overheating and I doubt the battery has anything to do with that. More likely a blocked or failing fan.

When you post back please provide a detailed description of the system. All you've said so far is it runs XP, has 512 ( presume that is mb of RAM) and was made by Toshiba.

As for installing XP again, are you using a Toshiba disk or something else? What kind of hard drive does it have? You may need to load SATA drivers before XP can complete an install. (First F6 prompt)

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October 9, 2010 at 22:25:48
Hi Richard!!

It is a Toshiba Quosmio F10 laptop, yes 512 ram. I don't know what kind of HD it has. I would have to take it out again. I do know a bit about computers, more about mine tho. I am using the recovery disk 1 of 1 that is what she said she was given. I know it is old I believe she said she got it in 2003.. There is another disk that I have that says Update disk, but don't think that does anything. I have let it go through the recovery several times. I get to the setup, this time I got a bit farther, but once again back to black screen. I tried it on my flat screen and same thing.

I did fix her comp last week as it was running very slow.. It worked great, until the other day she turned it on, and said it just went I am stumped in what else to do, as I said I don't know much about this comp. The fan is running, but it does get hot, so I have it sitting on something to try to keep it cool. I have tried it without the battery as well..

I'm sry I don't know what SATA drivers are. As I said I only know about mine. It took me along time just to find out how to reformat. It seems weird that I can start the process of setting it up once it's done, but then goes black again, so of course I can't finish the setup. Hmm not to sure what more to say, but am learning more and more...

I hope this info will help you a little more to see what else I can do.. I thank you very much for your post! Maybe I can get this fixed. I have another laptop I can lend her, but would be nice to get this one fixed or find out what the heck is going on..

Thank you kindly!! :o)

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October 9, 2010 at 23:32:03
bad ram or bad gpu. Try to run memtest. Http:// download .iso file a burn it.

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October 10, 2010 at 04:55:31
Thanks Kuwese,

I was thinking it has to do with the fan getting to hot. She doesn't know she can't get into anything now.. but I don't think I did anything different then what a comp tech wouldn't do. Or what?? lol I tried everything before I found out finally how to reformat. I have an acer and this is my second laptop, my other one is over 10 yrs old and still running great, just no battery. So will give her that for now.

Do you think it would be best for her just to get a new comp? Am not sure what to suggest to her, just been waiting on as many feed backs as I can get as to what to try or do. I'm by no means a pro, but do get calls to fix comps, so I know a little bit.. lol.. Only thing I wanted to get to the fan, I thought I best not as looks like I'd have to take the whole thing apart, only got the HD out, and took the ram out and put back in..

Why would it show the screen in safe mode and VHA? I didn't understand that, but..... red lines all the time, and when it does go black there is a small peice of color the top left only for a sec I see it, then is all black? I thought at first was the resolution needed to be changed or the plug and play (oh forgot the right word), but no! Then the fan, but all running fine, even before reformatting I heard it load right up, just could't see it.So all that was working. I then thought for sure when I reformatted whatever it was or something missing would be put back on and would run all good. I was so happy to see the setup and even got to the time and date, then poof gone again...

Anymore suggestions from anyone??? Or what shall I tell her she needs? Meantime I will try that site, thanks..

Thanks again for all or anymore comments!!
Deb :o)

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October 10, 2010 at 07:16:13
You probably didn't need to reformat. Obviously you can't fix a hardware problem by reinstalling the OS. It sounds like either the CPU or GPU are overheating. It's probably too late, but trying blowing the dust out of the cooling vents. Used compressed air if you have it, if not, just take a deep breath & blow threw it as hard as you can...see what comes out the other side. If there's a cloud of dust, that's most likely the problem. As I said, it *may* be too late...the hardware *may* already be heat damaged, but it's worth a shot.

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