recovry dsc able to partion new hd?

February 21, 2009 at 07:21:46
Specs: Windows XP
My computer is Etower T2984
My new hard drive sounds bad,beleive to be dying sometime soon.
Bought WD hard drive
It is installed now as slave, not formatted, - just put it in.
I do not have a WINDOWS OS disc the only disc that came with my etower is the recovery disc.
I am beleiveing the recovery disc has the OS on it
I will make the new HD the master.
And apply the recovery disc to this new HD...
Do I need to .....
1) - format the drive BEFORE putting the recovery disc to it?
2) - as part of that, do I need to partition the drive for the OS before putting the recovery disc to it?
I hope the recovery disc does it all, that would be nice.
For these recovery discs, do they need to be pput into the original CD r/w - just to see wwhat would happen, I put the cd in a newer cd r/w ( part of the machine) computer was blinking but nothing came up


Sorry if this is a repeat, do not see my posting from 2 days ago!

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February 21, 2009 at 07:40:24
The necessary files to reinstall Windows are on a hidden partition on the old HDD. To be able to use the recovery disc, you will have to clone the hidden partition to your new HDD. Why don't you just clone the entire contents of the old HDD to the new one? You *should* have gotten a CD with your new WDC HDD that can be used just for that purpose. If you didn't get a disc, go to the WDC website, download the software & create one. You didn't state which HDD model you have so you'll have to find it & download the appropriate software:

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