Solved Recover files from 1TB external HDD not detected on many PC

October 13, 2016 at 06:22:18
Specs: Linux x86_64
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I have an external hard disk drive (1TB seagate) which suddenly stopped working (I was moving files at the time), while its blue light still give a signal.

The HDD isn't detected by the computer, I tested it in multiple computers Windows and Linux but it wasn't detected. is there a way to make the computer detect it? is there a way to recover my files?

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October 13, 2016 at 08:52:12
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Is the drive in an external enclosure (probably Seagate)?

I have known Seagate enclosures fail for no apparent reason; other than the electornics associated with the usb connection and onboard software being a less than reliable item. I had one so; speaking from personal experience. The drive is now in a third-party enclosure and very happy...

Presuming the drive is in an enclosure (whatever brand), If you can remove the drive from the housing and connect via a usb adapter cable to a computer, you may" be lucky enough to discover the drive is actually OK; and that (again) it's the onboard electronics in the housing that has failed in some way.

There are SATA to USB cable sets/adapters on the web; and typically at Amazon. They cost very little... and are useful to have at any time...

This is a link the site; showing typical items:

And this is the one I use for 2.5ins drives: it's been very reliable. It has a wee indicator light to show it's on etc.; unlike many others which don't. It doesn't require external power, being very happy with any standard usb port for both power and signal connection.

If your external drive is the larger 3.5 drive then of course search for one that size.
Use whichever Amazon site is best for you of course to find similar?

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October 13, 2016 at 08:57:45
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Have you tried looking for the drive in Windows Disk Management?
Is this an externally powered drive or all USB? If all USB are you using 2 USB cables?

External hard drive failures can be caused by failure of the drive itself or the controller in the USB enclosure. If the external is out of warranty and doesn't show in Windows disk Management you could open the enclosure and try connecting the drive either directly to an internal controller or to an adapter.

If the hard drive is not even rotating (may be able to detect that) then the drive has seized up. There might be a method to recover some files but that is a last resort so try the other suggestions first.

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