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Dell / Inspirion 1545
July 14, 2013 at 11:43:22
Specs: Windows Vista, Intel Pentium Dual Core @2.00Ghz, 4gb RAM
I've posted about this before, but I've been in somewhat of a quandry over this again.

I would like the speed and slightly lower price of a desktop, yet would like the portability and convenience of a laptop.

However, I cannot decide between the two. Obviously the desktop is fine for most of my work and play (actually mostly gaming), but there is the instance of about once a month that i need to travel with full access to my computer, not just files on a thumbdrive.

Also, the ability to manually upgrade components myself is a big factor, leaning towards the desktop.

I was almost thinking about setting up the ability to access my desktop through like a screen-share access program (like logmein or something), but I know that poses a MASSIVE security risk that i'm not willing to go for.

I know what specs i want (i7, at least 12gb ram, 4gb graphics etc.) and have made a list of possible solutions for both a desktop (which I would custom build) and a laptop (factory order), so i'm just trying to decide on either. Any help? Desktop or laptop?

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July 14, 2013 at 13:23:25
"i7, at least 12gb ram, 4gb graphics etc"

That's not a cheap build. Desktop Core i7's are expensive (about $300 on the low end). And why would you possibly need a 4GB graphics card? Beware lower end cards (less than $100) that have that much memory, it's just a marketing ploy. They don't have the horespower to be able to use it. Cards that can actually make use of that much graphics memory cost over $250.

EDIT: here's a thought, how about getting a laptop with a docking station? Then the laptop will function as a tower when used at home, release it from the docking station when you need to use it as a laptop. Or you can forgo the docking station & just plug/unplug as necessary.

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July 14, 2013 at 20:22:26
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I prefer a desktop for the same reasons you have listed as well as being less expensive than anything close in power in a laptop.
You can get modestly similar specs on a laptop if you choose a factory customized option like HP offers, but you will find if your graphics requirements are high, they will have to be a bit more modest than your desktop choices and still cost you more money.
I have recently purchased one for my daughter this way for Photoshop and AutoCad 3D for design work which has worked out for her so it is possible, for about $1300. with an Intel quad, upgraded graphics, and additional memory, but I could have built a better system for more like $900. (K-series quad, better graphics, even more memory, etc.). In her case, portable was very important, you have to weigh all factors including repairable, upgradable, portable, size/space, comparable power, and any compromises for either.

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July 16, 2013 at 20:21:17
thanks for all your input. Am beginning to lean towards a desktop; i think the power is more important that the portability.

@riider, i often use heavy-3D-rendering software for designing and occasionally (OK, a little more than occasionally) some Halo. Really, I need the 4GB. Also, since portability is not important but price is, the extra hardware for a docking setup is slightly out-of-range.

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