Random Reboot/Shutdown with bootable CD or XP

E machine / T-2341
April 29, 2009 at 17:06:17
Specs: Windows XP PRO, 756, Athlon XP 2400+
My daughter's computer.

The machine will shutdown and/or reboot. It does this with a bootable CD or DVD (like Hiren's 9.8 or Knoppix utilities) or from the HDD with XP Pro. It will shutdown or reboot sometimes AFTER any OS has loaded, other times it will reboot after the initial memory and system screen (for example before the "boot from CD?" screen when using a bootable CD), and sometimes part-way between.

When it shuts down early in the boot process with a CD it will reboot over and over until the power is killed. Occasionally it will boot all the way up, and allow programs from the bootable CD or from XP Pro to be run.

It seems to be getting more unstable in this regard.

Nothing fancy on the computer. 750 Ram, HDD, CD, DVD, etc.

Memtest86 with standard options selected showed no errors over night on either DIMM or together. A stress test on the CPU (Athlon XP 2400 +) and the HDD all passed.

This model of Emachines had a problem with a defective PSU from the factory that would fail. This one failed 18-20 months (before I knew aforementioned) ago and blew the Nvidea video card (AGP). The PSU was replaced under warranty and a new video card worked okay so I don't think other damage was done by the PSU at that time?

A disk scan 8 months ago revealed two bad sectors ( 241854 and 242279) which were fixed and recoverd with Win disk scan. No problems appeared thereafter. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions on what could be causing this or what to test or to test further.

If it didn't also happen with a bootable CD like Hiren's, I'd assume it was Window's failure and reinstall but I don't think that is the solution.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions or recommendations. D.

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April 29, 2009 at 18:02:47
Are both fans running? It could be overheating. That's the first thing I would check.

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