Random Lock up shortly after start

Intel Core i7-950 quad-core processor
February 16, 2011 at 06:21:23
Specs: Windows 7 Pro, I7 950/12GB DDR3 1600
From a cold boot the computer freezes with in a few min almost every time. I hit the rest button and it will freeze again about 50% of the time. If i make it a few min without freeze it will work fine all day no matter what I do to it. It does no show any loss of performance, just all in a sudden the mouse wont more and the keyboard stops. I thought it may have been Mouse/kb related since the computer seem to continue running. When streaming a movie, the video stopped, my mouse stopped but the audio continued playing with no problems. I tiried unpluggint them hot and replugging them in and it does not solve the problem. I also tried plugging in a new mouse with no luck. I thought it might be ram. The programs I have only test up to 4 gigs of ram and I have 12. Is there any good free software for testing 12 gigs of ram? When the computer works it is a great machine, but having to do a hard reboot every time i turn it on and sometimes a second one is pretty annoying and bad for the os.

Any Ideas?

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February 16, 2011 at 08:03:54
12 GB of RAM? Why? That's a 64 bit version? When systems freeze, I think of three things:

1. Diagnostics, 2. Diagnostics, 3. Diagnostics.

There's no way to tell what's going on w/o making sure all your system settings are correct in BIOS and OS, correct drivers installed, as well as making sure your system is clean of malware etc. If those are all OK, I'd test everything: HDDs, Optical ROMS, RAM, PSU, look at the motherboard for any bulging capacitors, make sure the RAM modules are fully seated in their slots, look for loose or cracked connection and power cables, look for loose CPU and/or heatsink, noisy or hard to turn fans which indicate bad bearings.

Is the system clear of all dust & debris?

If you can't test 12 GB of RAM, test it in smaller chunks by removing some RAM if possible.

The last PC that I saw freeze , and by freeze I mean it freezes while in the OS (it's much more rare with newer better systems like than in the old Windows ME/9x days), was an XP system w/ an Intel board ---- the whole CPU/heatsink/fan assembly was a tad loose from the motherboard and wasn't fully seated. I'm assuming it was the ahem, "technician" who looked at her system prior to me. He also installed the main case fan backwards. Never assume anything.

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February 16, 2011 at 09:50:24
Its a new system so some of those are none issue (malware etc). All drivers are up to date. No capacitors are bulging. No over heating cpu or gpu. Fans installed correctly. Normal voltages on PSU. Both raids seem to be fine and have correct drivers. It could be a bad cpu fan install, but that would imply that I would see it running hot prior to freeze. Are there any programs that can check 6 gigs of ram? I have triple channel. I guess it will run 1 at a time with out the other channels right? If i can get the system past 10 min it runs great forever so i dot think its a bad cpu fan

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February 16, 2011 at 10:32:12
Is this a brand name manufacturer - Dell, HP, IBM etc? If yes they may have diagnostic utilities that can work (Dell Diagnostics, IBM - PC Doctor).

Try this: http://hcidesign.com/memtest/
or these:

With running only parts of your RAM at a time, yea, that can be done. It can be time consuming though. When I do that, at times you can find a possible bad stick of RAM, but you should make sure to run it in OTHER memory slots too as the memory slots on the MOBO themselves can be flaky.

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February 16, 2011 at 10:41:20
thanks PC GEEK

I'll take a look at the slots 2...its a home built asus board. Their utility says its fine with no problems but does not do a long ram test.

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