PSU Failure - Second Opinion

Antec / 650w
May 29, 2009 at 11:49:05
Specs: Windows XP

I was doing some work and my computer randomly turns off. I check the fans and make sure they are clean and try starting it up again. Computer boots to windows fine, and then it shuts down again. This time, I blow out the video card fan and then restart the computer. Works fine. I browse the internet for an hour. Afterwards, it shuts down like before. This time I check the connections on the MB. Everything seems fine. I start up again and 40 minutes pass before it shuts down again. At this point, I swap the power cord from the monitor with the one from the computer. I turn it on and boots to windows.5 minutes go by and it shuts down.

I'm fairly confident that it is the PSU unit and it is going bad. Each time the the computer turns off, there is a loud "snapping" noise. I am sick and I cannot smell anything so I can't tell if is emitting any bad orders.

I'm looking for some more opinions before I spend the money in replacing the PSU. I've also never had a PSU fail on me so this is new ground. I also do not have any tools to test the PSU to see its behavior.

OS: Windows XP, SP 2.
PSU: Antec 650W (do not remember the exact model number but it is discontinued)

Thanks for your opinions.

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May 29, 2009 at 12:28:34
You can only do so much with a voltmeter, multimeter or store bought PSU tester. None of those 3 will provide amperage readings or allow for load testing & that was what you'd really need. *Real* PSU test equipment costs 1000's of dollars.

Have you checked the CPU temp to make sure it's not overheating? Also, have you made sure the PSU cooling fan is working properly? Did you blow the dust out of the PSU?

Antec usually sells decent PSUs. Notice I didn't say "makes" decent PSUs. Antec is a repackager, not a manufacturer. Same with Corsair. But the units they market & sell are made by some of the top name PSU manufacturers in the business.

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