processor upgrade for elitegroup p4vxasd2+

February 21, 2010 at 19:34:15
Specs: Windows XP SP2
I have an elitegroup p4vxasd2+ motherboard that I would like to speed up with memory and processor. I have less than I GB memory now,,, and don't know processor.

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February 21, 2010 at 20:20:58
"I have less than I GB memory now,,, and don't know processor."

Go to
Start - Run - type: msinfo32 , click OK or press Enter.

On the right side, what does it say at the end of the line for

Processor: ................................. x.x mhz

what does it say beside

Total Physical Memory: xxxx mb

Your mboard can use either of, but not both at the same time of, two types or ram - SDram, or DDR SDram
max 2 modules per type, max 1gb per module.
SDram - PC100, or PC133 (100 or 133mhz)
DDR Sdram - PC1600 (200mhz) DDR, or 266mhz DDR ram

Your mboard will run faster overall with DDR SDram.

You should try installing a total of 2 gb of 266mhz DDR ram first - 2 - 1gb modules.

Open up the computer case by removing the left side panel as seen when you're looking at the front of the case.

The two slots closer to the outside edge of the mboard are for SDram, the two closer to the center of the mboard are for DDR SDram.

Which slot or slots is/are your ram modules in now ?
How many modules ?

p4vxasd2+ specs

No onboard video.
Main chipset : VIA P4X333 & VT8235
CPU socket type: Socket 478

ECS downloads including the manual:

If you get 266mhz ram, apparently, you may need to change jumpers settings on the mboard, if you're not already using 266mhz ram - that info is in the manual.

Cpu support list on the ECS web site, for bios version 30310

Unofficial cpu support list, for bios version 20815

Your mboard was made in about 2003.
You are not going to find a new cpu, but you may be able find a used one.
The second cpu support list has highlighted blue Intel part numbers on the left for each cpu type. When you click on the blue part number, you can find the Sxxxx model there.
When you search for a cpu, use the Intel part number, or the Sxxxx model to search with.

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