Problems with both internal hard drives

Dell / Studio 540 desktop
April 10, 2010 at 17:47:14
Specs: Windows 7
Hi everyone, this is my first post so bare with
me. I have 2 internal hard drives, about a
month ago, my backup internal drive would
unmount itself occasionally. Then over a few
days it started to fail and would not come up
at all. I plugged it in through a SATA/USB
adapter and it would usually work.

When the drive started to fail, I was also
getting some unusual system problems with
corrupt files. I had vista, but did not have the
installation disk, so I upgraded to win 7 to fix
problems with messages about corrupt files. Have had windows 7 for about 10 days and had no problems so far.
Backup internal drive was somewhat working now with SATA and I formatted
it to see if that fixed it. It worked for a day then
stopped working so I took it out of my

Now 2 days later, and primary internal HD is
doing the same thing. Computer will not
launch windows, cannot repair startup, and
has lost all restore points. Everything points to
a corrupt drive, but I hooked the drive up with
the SATA/USB cable to a netbook and its
working fine. One difference is it does appear
in BIOS, where as the first drive that failed
would not appear in BIOS when it was not

This drive came with the machine and has
always worked fine, it seems very suspicious
that it would "fail" like the other drive in the
same way in such a short time.

I ran a full system virus scan recently and
found nothing (using Norton 2010), and I have
swapped SATA cables and SATA ports with
the CD ROM and did not help.

I really don't know how to proceed. I'm
guessing the problem must be with the
motherboard, maybe the SATA port module.
I'm hesitant to format my primary drive as it did
not help the other internal. Plus the other
internal did not always work on the USB,
where as external HDs I have always work
through USB. So maybe that drive was
malfunctioning in addition to the computer

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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April 10, 2010 at 18:18:02
If the HDD is bad, it's bad. You're not gonna fix it by changing the OS or changing software. I don't see the brand name of the drives mentioned, but you should run the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic software from a bootable CD to see if the drives are actually failing or not.

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April 10, 2010 at 18:56:25
the drives are Samsung and WD, I will see if I can get it to boot,

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