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May 31, 2014 at 19:21:13
Specs: Windows 7 64-bit, (2) Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400@3.00Ghz / 4GB Ram
I have a Visionman Widow PC with an ASUS PSKPL-CM motherboard. I bought a Corsair750M &50W Modular PSU as a replacement for the original HEC 580W PSU. Having installed a similar PSU in my other PC, I expected the install to be a snap. All was going well until I realized that the modular connectors did not include a small cable (black and white twisted wires) with a small three-hole connector that plugged into a white, three-pin male "something" on the motherboard, near the CPU. After doing a little online research, I think it was a connection to run a fan, however, at the time, I was concerned that it might be something critical. So, I disconnected the new PSU, reinstalled the old one, and returned the new Corsair PSU to Best Buy.

Due to my limited experience installing PSUs, I now wonder if there was a cable I might have purchased that would have had the correct 3-pin female connector on one and and a 4-pin male connector on the other that I could have plugged into an available 4-pin connector? I suppose what I need is some advice as to what it is I am looking for and what it's properly called? And also whether or not I would have had the missing cable/connector if I had not bought a modular PSU?

I can provide a PDF of my motherboard in which I have circled the 3-pin connector on the motherboard. I also circled another 4-hole female connector on the motherboard that requires a 4-pin plug, but here again, I wasn't quite sure which 4-pin connector to use. As I said, my attempt to install the Corsair PSU into the Visionman Widow wasn't as easy as the other install I did of a Corsair PSU into a newer HP desktop.

Well, I hope I've explained the problem adequately and hope someone will be good enough to provide some answers and pointers. Thanks very much!

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May 31, 2014 at 19:57:37
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I suspect that the small plug you are referring to is simply to the 'power fan connector' which should be so that the motherboard (BIOS) has control over the power supply's fan. If this is as I think (the connector on the motherboard should be marked 'pwr fan' or similar), it would be fine to just not use it and allow the power supply to control its fan. The only other 4pin connector that should be there would be the CPU 4 pin 12Volt power connector near the CPU which should be there on both power supplies and is required.
This is your motherboard:
Manual, etc.:

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May 31, 2014 at 20:44:58
Thanks, Fingers!

You're right about the small plug. It is identified as 'pwr fan'. I couldn't see that all that well at the time, but that's just what it is. When it came to the 'CPU 4 pin 12Volt power connector near the CPU', I may have plugged the wrong plug into it. I had a 6-pin plug that split of two pins in order to make one 4-pin connector and, after checking the orientation of the connector, I plugged it into the CPU power port. The thing is that even though I had a bad feeling that something wasn't quite right, I took a chance and plugged in the PSU and attempted to boot the computer. Nothing happened. I thought that maybe the power switch was off, but I checked it and it was "on". Fearing that I might have toasted my computer, I clicked off the switch on the PSU, unplugged it and removed the new PSU, then re-installed the old one. When the computer rebooted and all was fine, I just figured that either the Corsair 750W PSU wasn't going to work with my computer or that I had simply not installed it properly. Either way, I ended up returning it. Now I'm thinking that I should go and get another one and give this a second try.

Thanks for your reply. It's a big help to be able to bounce some questions off of someone who has more experience in this area than I do. :-)

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June 2, 2014 at 09:02:34
The HEC is a fairly decent unit. Why do you feel you need a new PSU & why are you buying it from Bestbuy?

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June 2, 2014 at 12:33:57
The 4+2 plug is probably a PCIe connector for graphics cards that require it. You should have a 4pin connector or a 4+4 pin connector and it should have the use printed or molded into it.

Are you sure you really need to upgrade the power supply? About the only reason I can think of to do this upgrade is either if you are having trouble with the power supply or are upgrading your graphics that would require more current than yours can supply currently.

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June 6, 2014 at 20:40:37
My computer has been acting strange lately. All the diagnostics and security scans I've run say everything is fine. (Norton 360, Malwarebytes, Glary Utilities 5). My computer has been defragged and optimized and is generally as clean as I can make it. Still, I've experienced a noticeable slow down in boot-up, sluggish program start-ups and windows shut down. For several days since accepting the Firefox 29.1 update, I began to experience crashes with Firefox. Beyond this there have been numerous little quirky things happening from time to time that I can't explain. I was beginning to think that either my HDD was failing or that perhaps my HEC PSU was failing. So, for starters, I decided to replace the PSU and figured that if there wasn't any noticeable improvement, I'd go on to replace the HDD with one that runs faster. Admittedly, these options were just a shot in the dark.

I figured that either way, these two upgrades couldn't hurt and hoped that I might see some improvement in overall stability and speed. The glitch I had with the new PSU was sufficient for me to re-install the HEC PSU. I'm still considering a new SATA III HDD, but I think I'm going to wait awhile before buying one. As for why I'd buy anything from Best Buy. . . well, that's because I have an account with them and at the time just wanted to get a new PSU quickly. Ordinarily, I use BB for little more than technical info, but usually search NewEgg of Amazon to find a better and lower price.

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