Problem with onboard & PCI sound

Intex / Cmi 8738 pci soundcard
March 11, 2009 at 22:53:48
Specs: Windows XP/2000
The problem of sound in my system started exactly when I have given it for repair. The repair guy said that he changed the CMOS battery and updated the BIOS. But after brought it to home, I found that audio is not working. But I am unable to take it back to that guy due to personal reasons. Here I want to mention some facts to make my problem more clear.
1. When I am trying to install audio drivers, they are installing properly.
2. Add/Remove Hardware window also showing that audio hardware is working properly.
3. When I am trying to play audio files like songs, they are running properly without giving any error on audio hardware, but no sound is coming out.
Everything looking proper but sound is not coming. FYI, I am using mercury motherboard. Please help me regarding this issue.
Thereafter I brought a PCI sound card and tried to install it. Here again I faced strange problems.
1. When I tried it as soon as I brought, the problem was that LAN chip is not working, when I connect PCI sound card. I am not getting internet. As soon as I remove that PCI sound card, internet is working again. Very strange problem. Then I giveup my tryings for some days.
2. After 4 months, now I again tried with PCI soundcard. Now the strange problem is that I am unable to login into XP, when I connect PCI sound card. Instead of login window, I am just getting a blank screen, eventhough I left it for one day :).
3. But when I tried to login in safe mode, I am able to login into XP, but when I am trying to install drivers here, I am getting a blue screen with warnings to restart the system manually. (I think u know abt that blue screen).
So I request you to please help me out in this issue.Whether any configuration changes in BIOS works?

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March 12, 2009 at 13:35:01
This is a guess. But if it was me I would reset the bios to the default settings. It won't give you the optimum performance but normally should work perfectly fine.

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March 12, 2009 at 13:50:50
What kind of repair did you have done?

I would suggest you install ALL the drivers. You will need to know the exact model and brand of your motherboard in order to download the correct drivers.

In the meantime check to see if you don't have something muted or possibly have the speakers connected to the wrong port.

SIW.exe may be some help with the board model. Download SIW from the link below.

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March 12, 2009 at 23:41:57
Thanx for ther replies.
I tried all the basic things.
1. I tried by resetting the BIOS settings. (by removing the CMOS battery for 1 minute).
2. I formatted the system for 2 times, loaded new operating system and installed all drivers using my motherboard driver CD.
Eventhough I didn't find any result.

The kind of repair did was... my system had starting problem... Eventhough SMPS was working fine, the cpu didn't start when I click start button. The repair guy solved that problem but introduced this sound problem.


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March 13, 2009 at 01:16:03
What about something muted or the speakers connected wrong?

If I am reading your original limited information it appears that you have an add in sound card. If that is the case you probably also have onboard (integrated) sound attached to the motherboard.

The intergrated sound would be enabled by default and that may be the sound device you are installing drivers for. If so, you need to connect the speakers to that device. In other words, check to see which one you have installed and which you are trying to use.

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March 13, 2009 at 02:02:24
Thanx for the reply.
Actually I mentioned that I checked all basic things, means I checked for the mute scenario, also I checked by connecting the speakers to all available ports.
As u said I had addon sound card, but now I have not inserted it because of the problem I mentioned in my first post. So now only the inbuilt, integrated audio chip is there. I installed drivers for that using motherboard cd... but I am not getting any sound.
Can u please tell me, where can I find the option of enabling or disabling of audio chip. I will check that option once..

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March 13, 2009 at 05:07:23
In the BIOS (setup) screens. You need to enter the BIOS using keystroke/s when the computer is firs started. The keystroke should show on the screen.

As I have no idea if you have a custom computer or an OEM pre-built I can't tell you exactly which key/s are the right ones. Del is the most common for custom computers.

Once in the BISO screens look for a screen called integrated peripherals.

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