Problem with Computer Starting

August 27, 2011 at 11:43:33
Specs: Windows XP, 128
I've got a computer that when I power it on it just displays pitch black on

the monitor. I replaced the memmory stick so
it doesn't give long beeps for it has one short beep...still
nothing text displays at all...nothing. The hard drive was
taken out so it doesn't have a hard it has no OS. I don't
think it was a virus because he said that it got kicked and then stopped
working. I've tried 3 different display cards and still I see nothing!
Two are ATI video cards and one is a PCI card. I can't even get into
BIOS....I've tried various video cards...2 ATI I believe one was definitely

PCI and have tried the onboard video all don't work...the monitor works fine

with another computer....also it looks like 2 types of keyboards don't light

up at all when the computer is starting USB and PS2....actually it seems

worse now because i tried to take the PSU connectors out and try it on

another motherboard and it didn't start...then switched it back and then it

didn't start...the motherboard is a MSI (model KM4M it looks like).

I'm assuming since the results of my search comes up with the same manufactuer and model KM4M it should work with the power supply and case...right???! I've searched eBay and spotted two types of motherboards to try with a processor and one without one...Obviously the one with one is about $30 more expensive...and since this is a used computer I'm really trying to keep costs down...Is there anyway of testing whether the CPU is good...because if so I would like to order the motherboard
without one and just transfer the CPU to it...

Here are the listings on eBay:




Thanks in advanced for any helpful feedback.

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August 27, 2011 at 14:50:58
If you get any BIOS beeps there is every reason to believe the CPU is OK.
In all your testing have you tried to use the onboard graphics without any other graphics card in the slot? You need a known good powersupply as well and at this stage re-setting CMOS can do no harm. ( Simle method: disconnect power. Remove CMOS battery. wait 30sec. re-insert CMOS battery) This should re-enable onboard video as the default. If you test with a known good powersupply, and can get bios beeps but still no graphics then the motherboard is shot. Of concern is also your statement that keyboards are not working. Try only PS/2 rather than USB. Do any of the LEDs on the keyboard flash during boot attempts?

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