Problem booting eMachine after Power outage

Emachine / Et1641-02w
July 15, 2010 at 17:42:23
Specs: Windows Vista
Hello,I have an EMACHINE ET-1641
.Yesterday our town had a power outage for
20min.I just have the computer plugged into a
power strip.Well when the power came back
on I pushed the power button and my
Emachine wouldnt power up.I push the power
button and it sounds like it is going to power
up web cam lights up and 5 seconds later it
quits starting up web cam light goes out just
like you unplugged it.sounds like and acts like
after you shut down the computer.My 2 other
computers in the house an old dell 3000 and a
acer am1610 started right up and work fine.If
you can help that would be great!I am
unemployed and have medical records that I
need asap that are on this Emachine.I
unhooked everything overnight and hooked it
back up again it does the same thing.HELP

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July 15, 2010 at 19:42:35
Your power supply on the emachines computer was probably damaged by a power spike or power surge. It's probably a BESTEC one, and they're more likely to fail in any case than other power supply brands.
If one of your other computers is a desktop computer with a standard sized power supply with a capacity the same or more than the one in the emachines computer (watts output) , a standard sized power supply will probably fit in the emachines case - remove it and try hooking it up to the emachines system. (If the other power supply is not standard sized but has enough capacity, try propping it up beside the case and hooking it up anyway). The chances are pretty good that the emachines computer will then work fine. If so, get another power supply for the emachines computer when you have the bucks to spare.

More info about BESTEC power supplies, the standard power supply size, and what you need to know about a replacement.

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