Printer Problem With Network Share

December 1, 2016 at 21:16:10
Specs: Windows 10, Inter I5/8 GB
My two Windows 10 Pro 64bit, PC's appear to be set up as follows:

"My company uses a network with a domain" NOTE: this PC is a home network with NO domain defined; only a WORKGROUP.

I change the radio button to "My company uses a network without a domain"; I click NEXT and FINISH, and while it appears to have taken the change by telling me to reboot, in fact it did not take the change because the original radio button (My company uses a network with a domain) is still selected. It refuses the change even as I'm logged on as Administrator.

Furthermore, if I leave the radio button as is and I hit NEXT, I receive another option. Now the following appears:

Select the option that best describes your network.

The option in effect is "This computer is part of a business network; I use it to connect to other computers at work"

Since this is NOT correct I change to the other option - "This is a home computer; it is not part of a business network"

Again while the change appears to be accepted, it is NOT because the original option (This computer is part of a business network; I use it to connect to other computers at work) is still checked. Of course I reboot as instructed by Windows to no affect.

The real problem this is causing me is that each time I reboot, my two Windows 10 Pro 64bit, PC's can no longer print to my two printers that are attached to a Windows 7 Pro 32 bit PC defined as SHARE mode. They display as NOT READY and when I attempt to view the properties in Control Panel I receive the error "Operation could not be completed error 0x00000005 - Access is denied." This occurs even as I'm logged on as Administrator.

My two Windows 10 Pro 32bit, PC's while defined the same way, they do not have any printing issue, nor is my ethernet connected true network printer affected.

I have had this same configuration since last May when I upgraded the four PC's (2 - 64 bit and 2 - 32 bit) to Window 10, however, for the past month I have been confounded and plagued with this problem.

Any thoughts?

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December 2, 2016 at 06:31:52

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December 2, 2016 at 09:39:03
Thanks; the Microsoft links were all interesting reading, however, it didn't provide the information I was looking for.

Perhaps I can resolve this printer issue a different way.

To get around the "Access is denied" problem described in my original post, I remove the printers and re-add them. That brings up a different issue, however, if you can resolve this, I wouldn't care about the domain vs. workgroup problem described above.

I add the printer selection the option "Select a shared printer by name." In doing so, in order to connect to the Windows 7 PC which has the printers attached, I am asked to enter a user name and password.

The system gives me an example of what to enter (i.e. username@domain\username), and I have tried every permutation I can think of (my username, my username@WORKGROUP\username, PC name@WORKGROUP\username, etc.) and the error response I get is either "The credentials supplied are not sufficient to access this printer. Do you want to specify new credentials? YES or NO" or "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials. Overwriting the existing set of credentials may cause some running applications to stop function properly. Do you really want to overwrite the existing set of credentials?"

If I say NO nothing happens as can be expected. If I say YES, I get a violation and I can't change anything. Again, this occurs even as I'm logged on as Administrator.

So my final question is what is the system looking for me to enter in the User name field? I believe a valid entry with a check mark in the "Remember my password" field would resolve this mess.

I also believe the Windows 10 millennial update caused this problem, because it started around that time, but I have no proof; just theory.

Thanks for the help.

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December 6, 2016 at 10:11:35
I'd start by looking at the printer permissions on the Windows 7 box.

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December 6, 2016 at 20:24:23
Try entering a user name and log is that someone using the Windows 7 machine uses, that should get you access into the Windows 7 machine and the printer.
Another option would be to see if your router has a print server on it and make the printer truly a network printer. Set the user name and password if required for the print server or try it without one.
It sounds to me that the two W10/64 machines were at one time connected to a business network or the OS installed on them was pirated from a large business and is tied to their server for that level of admin access.

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