Solved Printer driver not installing on toshiba tecra laptop

February 19, 2017 at 22:03:44
Specs: Windows 10

I purchased a HP Officejet 250 All-in-one mobile printer and installed the full software onto my Toshiba Tecra W50.  The printer is wireless and connects onto a network or by WIFI Direct.  When I go to print documents nothing will print.  I called HP support and they troubleshooted for over an hour with me and concluded that it's a computer hardware issue.  They said they tried installing other printer drivers and it won't install other printers either.  They think it's some hardware issue with the Toshiba laptop that is preventing printer files from being accepted and installed.  One thing I don't understand is why does it seem the printer and laptop are communicating through network because it's being recognized.  But problem is it won't print.  I cannot call Toshiba because they don't have a 24 hour Tech support line.  I'm on a deadline and need the printer ASAP.  Can you please help me resolve this issue?

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February 19, 2017 at 23:40:20
It could be something as simple as a restart or reboot. I would power cycle modem/router and then printer and PC first. If the printer is communicating with the PC directly then you should be able to print and test the printer. On the printer itself make it forget the network and then reconnect it. In the router's menu, you can go in the client list and get the printer's IP if it is setup correctly with your network. Put the IP in the address bar and see if you are able to pull up the printer's settings page. Then you will be communicating directly with the printer through the router. To communicate directly with it turn the router off and look for it in your wifi networks or devices menu to see if it is recognizing it at all. Third option is the ole USB cable. Plug it into the computer, and it should install as a normal printer (not as a network printer).

Windows should be able to see the printer on the network and install basic drivers for it automatically if you go into your devices page in settings.

Here's the support page for your PC:

Install whichever driver's you find useful i.e. wifi, Bluetooth, graphics, etc., and maybe update the BIOS if you feel comfortable doing so.

Go here for your printer:

Pick which Win10 version you have, and then install from scratch if needed. If you don't know if you have the same software already installed, it will overwrite whatever version you have.

I highly doubt it has anything to do with Toshiba's hardware (although possible), it may just be something miscommunicating and nothing major. (Fingers crossed)

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February 20, 2017 at 01:27:43
Hi Rm,

are you able to connect the printer directly to your Laptop via a usb port.

If so, try that.

This is the simplest form of connection, and if it works, then try the other more complicated methods, wifi and/or network.

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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February 20, 2017 at 12:51:09
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Remove ALL instances of any printers in Devices and Printers. Then run the HP software removal tool linked below. Then reboot and install the software and drivers again.

After you have done the above. Check to see the printer is ticked as the default printer. Also, that it is online and the you are actually sending the print job to that printer and not somewhere else, like "print to PDF, or print to file".

How far is the printer located from your laptop?

Are you sure you have WiFi enabled in the laptop settings.

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