PRAM Battery for Powerbook G4 15

mergleh February 2, 2009 at 08:40:27
Specs: OSX
I am currently working on a 15" Mac Powerbook G4. After determining that the PRAM battery is bad, I have taken the computer apart to replace it. The model # on the battery board is 820-1819-A. I cannot find this battery anywhere for purchase. My question is, can another model PRAM battery be substituted for this model without any damage to the computer? Thanks.

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February 2, 2009 at 11:32:52
"I cannot find this battery anywhere for purchase."

HUH? I had no problems finding one.

Don't use quotes around the part number or the whole string you search with - in this case the A at the end of your part number may merely indicate the supplier that made it for Apple (they didn't make it) or a minor revision, or the A may be ommited in ads for one.

Search using: pram g4 820-1819-A (no quotes)
Your Pram module, used

It says here there are at least three possible part numbers
Apple Part #: 922-7173, 820-1813, 820-1819
that will work in what you have -

Search using: g4 pram 922-7173;_...

e.g. - A new PRAM module
Another part number - 922-6007
"Apple Part #: 922-6007 or 922-7173"
A link there - identify your model. Apparently, you have an aluminum 15" G4 powerbook (there are also titanium G4 powerbooks, and aluminum 17" G4 powerbooks, that have different pram modules)

Search using: pram g4 820-1813


The 820-1813 and 922-6007 pram module looks different from yours, but if it fits, plugs in the same way and is the same voltage, it will work.

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