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January 7, 2012 at 19:17:36
Specs: Windows 7, AMD / 3gb
Ok, the other day i was on the internet and all of a sudden my display went out, turned the computer off, back on and no display. The fan is running at full speed on the gpu and nothing, I've had this happen before and i could just turn it off and back on. The power supply is on so its not dead and the light is on the card when i have the computer powered on. I don't have another card or power supply powerful enough to test. I put my specs into newegg and it tells you how much wattage you need for system, mine said 497, not including fans, etc. I am thinking the power supply is underpowered as I am probably maxing everything out and overloading the power supply, tell me what you think, thanks.


Amd Phenom x4 2.8 ghz quad core processor
3 gb ram
9800 gtx+ video card
ultra xfinity 500w power supply
windows 7

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January 7, 2012 at 19:46:24
If your system needs 497W to run and you have a 500W unit then it is overloaded.
The most efficient powersupplies run at about 80% so your 500W unit may only actually deliver 400W usable. It also has two +12V rails and unless the load is spread properly it is easy to overload one circuit while under-utilizing the other. http://techgage.com/article/ultra_x...
See the chart? It shows max wattage on 3.3 & 5V =160w with 384W combined on the 2x12V rails. That would total 544W but the overall unit is rated only 500W so you cannot fully utilize the claimed output.

If you truly require 497W you should be looking for a quality PSU in excess of 650W with a single +12V rail

Lights on and some fans spinning does not prove the PSU is fully functioning.
It is common for powersupplies to partially fail.

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January 15, 2012 at 18:38:44
ok well i tried swapping to my old video card and the computer powered on fine now, i tried my 9800gtx again and still no display and fan at full speed, so what happened, did my video card just burn out by not getting enough power to it for months? Do you think if i got a more powerful power supply the computer would boot up with my 9800gtx or is it done for? The lights and fan spins on the video card but i guess that doesnt mean its good.

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