Powering a nettop/'desktop box' using a battery

May 11, 2012 at 06:10:38
Specs: Ubuntu 11, 21.66 GHz / 1024 MB
How would I run this 'desktop board' (running linux) off a battery? My first idea was to hook up a car battery to a UPS; which after a google search, 'in theory', would provide up to 48 hours power. While this is all great and fantastic, a car battery seems too subject to leakage; and wayy too heavy.

My next thought was two burglar alarm batteries, the 12v dry lead acid types. I was planning on hooking them up, then use a high power regulator to bring the voltage down to a suitable level. This is all good, but I have no idea what the correct level would be, how to test it, how to put the battery together, how to recharge the batteries..

Has anyone got any better ideas or relatively 'newbie'/simple tutorials they could link me to? I was considering modifying an old powerbook g4 and re-routing the power-output and linking through a regulator to power the 'desktop box'. But this sounds like a crazy-as*ed, highly-inefficient idea.

I would prefer to get at least 5-7 hours out of each charge, no limit to max of course. I would prefer it if it charged fast, and there was some way to prevent it from overcharging. Portability and weight are also important factors; the smaller the better, and the lighter the better.

Thank you :)

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May 11, 2012 at 09:11:15
Quick observation: You'll loose a lot of power going from DC 12V -> AC 120V -> DC. Look at PSUs that accept DC input, and skip the inverter.

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