Power supply replacement?

Bfg technologies Geforce 9800gt oc 512mb
January 29, 2010 at 10:48:13
Specs: Windows 7
i just picked up this card 2 months ago on the box it said it needed a min of 450w psu i had a 400w recently i noticed my computer was hot i opened it up when i tryed a program and i noticed my gpu was on fire i began to feel the side of the card and it was burning to the touch was reading 120c which was almost max lucky for me this was the oc version could handle alil more heat but anyways i unplugged the power wire coming from the video card going to 2 power plugs and i noticed on the psu connector end the yellow wire was brown melty looking colored and one pin was discolored i happend to have had a 430w psu hanging around so i have added it for now the video card seems to be running alil cooler 40c cooler now ive ordered a 600w psu emachines replacement just basic. Will it work in my computer or is it too much ive herd it should only take what it needs for devices nothing more so im hoping it wouldent give too much power to my motherboard or something but ive it would give it what it needs nothing more so idk just wondering anythoughts

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January 29, 2010 at 10:56:31
im hoping it wouldent give too much power to my motherboard

No way.....the *excess* wattage cannot damage the motherboard or any other computer component....

now ive ordered a 600w psu

The wattage means nothing....you`ll need to post the PSU Model, so we can see if the amperage is OK for your system....

Also, please post your full system configuration....

Google is your friend



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January 29, 2010 at 11:19:04
If you installed a 430W PSU & it's working fine, why did you order a 600W? Post the amperage specs or at least the make/model of the one you just ordered. Or if you have a link, post that instead.

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January 29, 2010 at 17:18:04
BESTEC ATX-250-12E that is the model i picked up it says its an 100% original oem replacement i dont have the specs on hand but i do know the pluggs put out more amps then what i had and to the guy asking why im buying a 600w if what i have is workin. Well let me ask you this if you had just installed a stereo system in your car say it was 1000w total and u hooked it up in a tiny lil honda and blew ur alternator and it was say a 35a would you go out and get a 40 amp replacement knowing the math involved 40 amps alone is needed to just about run that amp. you wouldent waste effort do that math u would need atleast 50 amps thats without defrosters heater and cruise control being used u need atleast 40% of the alt avalible for the car to run with this being said all im doing is carrying my computer threw so i can still lightly surf till my new psu comes in. keep in mind. im not doing any burning video editing video streaming or heavy gaming or this psu would prolly burn out too

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