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Elitegroup computers / Mcp73vt-pm
March 7, 2010 at 04:10:00
Specs: Windows Vista
Please could somebody help

I have a problem with ECS MCP73VT-PM.

Its failing the post test and leaving monitor black. It beeps once (SHORT) then pauses then 3 SHORT beeps . It has AMI BIOS so I think it will be base 64K RAM failure.

Does this sound right? How can I test? How can I resolve?

Background information:

Windows Vista
2gb RAM
ECS (Elitegroup Computers) MCP73VT-PM Mainboard
And its downstairs im up so I think the processer is a Celeron Dual.

The problems started with the onboard ethernet, It would not find read or accept it had it with numerous driver updates etc. So I added a Ethernet Card. Eventually though the computer had the same problem witht this.

The best solution was to "down"grade to XP. However when booting up screen remained black and then vista loading screen apears, even when PC is booted with legit XP disc in drive. So, even with a blnk screen, I pressed F2 to acess set up and then it was just black. After a while it was switched off. then on reboot BOOM post failure, 3 beeps.

Atleast if it was a blue screen of death I would have som random numbers and letters to use for diagnostic. I know enough about PC's for the most part but this problem is outa my league so I beg you for help

It is my mates Mum's PC and she is a PoWcraft (prissoner of warcraft) so is missing the computer loads.

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March 7, 2010 at 04:57:24
You can try re-seating the ram sticks and also try booting with only one stick. also try one stick in each slot to see if the problem is in the ram slot and not the ram stick.

It will be either a bad stick of ram or a motherboard problem.

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March 7, 2010 at 06:22:20
Thanks mate. Now back into windows.

Still having problem with the motherboards onboard ethernet though.

I have reinstalled the drivers and used an ethernet card, card worked for a bit but the drivers wont install properly for it or the onboard.

When I try to install the drivers it says that a system device is not working properly....any ideas or should I just XP it


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