please help with temp memory

Dell Dell optiplex 755 desktop desktop c...
December 31, 2010 at 15:36:55
Specs: Windows 7, core 2 quad
can i install different amounts of memory if i have a dual channel system i have 4 dimm slots and im using 2 1 gb sticks now i bought 2 more 2 gb sticks 1 didnt come yet so i want to install 1 2gb stick and the other when it comes to equal 6 gb total out of allowable 8gb
or should i wait

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December 31, 2010 at 15:42:56
If you install an odd number of sticks the system will not run in dual channel mode. You may find the downside to that outweighs the benefit of the extra ram. Since you seem to have purchased these two extra sticks from different vendors one hopes they are identical specification as mismatch might cause problems.

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December 31, 2010 at 16:06:37
Is your Windows 7 version 32 bit or 64 bit ?
If it's 32 bit, the operating system can't use more than 4gb, and even then not all of the 4gb can be used.

The 4gb virtual memory address limit for 32 bit operating systems.
An example of 3gb working better than 4gb in a 32 bit operating system.
See Response 6:

jam's explanation

If you install 1 or 3 modules in the 4 slots, all the ram will run in single channel mode.

In the real world, installing all the ram in matched pairs in the proper slots so they're all in dual channel mode only results in a tiny performance increase (each pair has to have identical modules of the same size, but they don't all have to be the same size).

It's a lot more important how much total ram is installed, and which ram you use.

Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300 (667mhz) , or DDR2 PC2-6400 (800mhz), or DDR2 PC2-8500 (1,066mhz) ram, with a maximum of 2GB per slot.

What PC2-xxxx rating or mhz rating do the original modules, and the new 2gb modules have?

"....mismatch might cause problems...."

What are the part numbers of the original modules, and the new 2gb modules ?

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December 31, 2010 at 16:51:26
the original modules r minion 1gb sticks pc5300 and the new stick is major 2gb pc5300 i put the 2gb stick in the white slot and the old 1gb sticks in the black slots im getting another 2gb stick from the same place on ebay its new and the first stick works i hit f1 to say its ok i changed the amount of ram and now it shows 4 gb of ram so im relieved its good also im running a 64 bit bit version of windows 7 professional is there a big difference to run a video card will i see a difference if i dont game i just surf if you guys have any tips id appreciate it

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December 31, 2010 at 17:09:32
Okay, so your Windows 7 is 64 bit, and all the ram modules are PC5300, but what are their part numbers, or at least, what timing numbers and voltages are specified for them ?
Different timing numbers for the ram modules are not a problem, but if the modules have different voltages specified for them that WILL cause you problems.

The second biggest bottleneck of your computer is your relatively slow and less efficient cpu (the biggest bottleneck is the max speed the hard drive(s) can run at, but you can't do anything about that).

You are probably not going to see much if any difference in performance when more than 4gb of ram is installed.

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How much memory do you really need?

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December 31, 2010 at 19:08:58
You're taking a risk buying RAM from eBay. Considering how cheap RAM is from reputable sources these days, I don't know why you would take the chance. If you live in the US & paid more than $25-30 for a 2GB stick, you paid too much. And I don't know why you bought the RAM sticks individually rather than in a kit that's guaranteed to be compatible for dual channel mode. Since you currently have 3 sticks, they're running in single channel mode - that means you're losing 50% of the potential memory bandwidth. Hopefully all your RAM has similar specs (speed, voltage & timings). If not, you should manually configure the RAM settings in the BIOS rather than using the AUTO setting. I assume your quad runs at 1333MHz FSB so DDR2-667 is the correct RAM, but I wouldn't expect that it will overclock very well. Personally, I would have dumped the old RAM & replaced it all with DDR2-800, then jacked up the CPU FSB to 1600MHz.

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January 1, 2011 at 09:19:46
if i have a 64 bit operating system than how come i can run a 32 bit internet explorer or a 64 bit internet explorer and does that mean when i run in 32 bit mode am i only using 4gb of ram because i cant find a 64 bit version of flash player to open my email or certain programs so now i use the 32bit internet explorer so am i compormising by using this by the way im getting the same 2gig stick of ram i just bought a week ago and the two sticks of ram that came with tower r matched so i think ill be ok

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January 1, 2011 at 10:37:17
You can use most 32 bit software versions with 64 bit operating systems, but sometimes you must use a 64 bit version with the 64 bit operating systems, especially for third party software, and hardware devices require 64 bit compatible versions.

Most people DO NOT need more than 4gb of ram or a 64 bit operating system.
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How much memory do you really need ?

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January 2, 2011 at 11:50:11
ok how about a decent video card do i need one will i see a difference if i buy a better one than i have i use a nvidia quadro 1400 series with two dvi outputs i only need one im not interested in running two monitor i just want a nice screen and a fast computer can anybody reccomend anything

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January 2, 2011 at 12:38:18
Onboard video - a video adapter that's built into the mboard - IS NOT A CARD.
The same applies to any device adapter that's built into the mboard.
A CARD has a chip or chipset and circuitry on a physical board that plugs into a slot or connector on the mboard that's inside the computer case , that can be installed or removed.

If you're using onboard video now, your computer will perform better if you use a video card in a slot instead.

The same amount of ram installed in the mboard performs better when you're not using onboard video.
A video adapter that's built into the mboard has to share some of ram that's installed in the mboard - that always reduces the ram's max bandwidth - max data transfer speed - to as little as half of what the ram is capable of. When you are NOT using onboard video, the ram installed in the mboard is able to achieve the full bandwidth it's capable of with the system. You will notice the most difference when you are using a program or are doing a task that benefits from the higher bandwidth capability. That's in addition to you benefiting from the amount of ram you previously have to share with the onboard video being available to Windows and the user.

If you're already using an actual video card in a mboard slot, a better video chipset on a card will improve the video performance somewhat, but other than that it won't make the computer faster overall. Very few video cards have only one video port these days.
The second biggest bottleneck of your computer is your relatively slow and less efficient cpu.

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January 2, 2011 at 15:21:04
a e6600 2.4 ghz core 2 quad is a slow cpu i thought it was a fast tower with capibility of 8gb of ram

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January 3, 2011 at 15:41:40
I was going by the info above your first post:

"Tags: Dell Dell optiplex 755 desktop desktop computer (celeron m 430 (1.73ghz/80gb/512mb)"

You did said you had 2gb of ram initially, not 512mb.

Is the subject computer a Dell Optiplex 755 desktop computer?

If you have an e6600 2.4 ghz core 2 quad cpu, then why did you have celeron m 430 1.73ghz in that info ??

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