PLEASE HELP!! No video output to monitor

November 20, 2015 at 17:01:08
Specs: Windows XP x86, CPU: 277977-001 RAM: 256MB DDR Ram,
I've tried everything on this stinkin' PC:

I have a Compaq Evo D510. I've replaced the Motherboard, Power supply, tried taking out parts one by one, cleaned the entire case + parts, speaker is plugged in but no beeps, and reseated the CPU because it wasn't in properly.

After doing all of the above, I am still stuck with a computer that has a green power light, a one second flash of the Hard Drive, and a one second flash of the keyboard lights, but no video out. I've held the power button for a minute while unplugged, changed power and monitor plugs, breadboarded the mobo and Power supply. I even watched an entire hour long video with tips and still no help. The Caps lock light does not power on when pressed (if that helps).

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks!!! -Luke

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November 20, 2015 at 18:23:23
Beeps come from a miniature speaker on the mobo rather than the normal speaker.

When you replaced the CPU did you apply the thermal grease in accordance with the method defined for that particular CPU? If it was badly seated previously it is possible it overheated at that time and zapped itself.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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November 21, 2015 at 00:46:07
Have you tried an add-on video card and a different monitor? Were both the PSU and motherboard replacements known to be good and the PSU have adequate output? Was the motherboard the same model as the original so the cpu is compatible?

When starting up, a cpu fan normally runs fast for a few seconds and then backs off some as the bios takes over. Does that happen with yours or does it stay at high rpm? If it's slowing down it means the bios is working so maybe the motherboard is good.

But as Derek mentions, check the cpu again. There's so many pins on processors now it's easy to miss one that's bent. And it wouldn't hurt to find a replacement cpu at a computer shop or on ebay.

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November 21, 2015 at 02:40:09
The hard drive and the keyboard appears to function in a limited capacity by flashing you a light to indicate this.

My guess is the POST is working although you can't see it.

Try using just one stick of RAM and swap it out for another. Just use one stick at a time if you have two.

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