Please help! how do i get my save file back?!?!?!

March 27, 2018 at 15:45:39
Specs: Windows 7
help... im using and accidently saved over something that took forever to make and I need my picture back... the picture was saved about half an hour ago and the picture I want back was saved yesterday, is there any way at all to get that picture back???

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March 27, 2018 at 15:56:38
Thankfully I didn't close, so I asked my dad and he asked how much I could undo... thankfully before I started I opened the other file and undid until I started when I opened the original file...

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March 27, 2018 at 15:57:59
so if you save over something in don't close it just find the shortcut for undo and undo until your at your original file.
If that dosnt work then sorry.

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March 27, 2018 at 16:28:03
Sounds like you were rather lucky this time... Perhaps make two saved versions of the file at regular intervals. Add a suffix to the file name; e.g. filename and filename-a.

Work on the first one and at intervals resave it, and also resave/update the -a version; or even better create another saved file with the next suffix -b, and so on.

If I’m creating something detailed etc. I follow my own advice as above; in that I save the initial file and duplicate it, so as to have my starting point saved. Then I continue with development of the initial file and regularly (at ntervals) save the changes with a new suffix so as to have numerous generations of the file. Thus I’ll have filename, filename-a, filename-b, filename-c and so on. Then if anything goes amiss... I will have a recent version of the active file to revert to?

Hope the above makes sense..

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March 27, 2018 at 16:34:26
Too easy to do. Yep, the answer is to keep backing up so there will always be a recent version available rather than having to start over again.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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March 27, 2018 at 21:43:12
Good work. By the way, Control z is Undo.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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