physically build a server from componenets

September 18, 2012 at 02:12:17
Specs: Windows server 2003, 2.4GHz /8Gb
Hello, i am not interested in the software side of things but in the hardware. I can see there are a lot of manufacturers out there selling their servers, but i wondered if i could do it cheaper myself?

Could someone advise on what to purchase,
Case, motherboard, CPU, RAM, Raid controllers, hard disks

I work part time on this contract and there are 15 employees
The DHCP is given by the router and their mail server is hosted externally.
The only thing they have of note is a file server. All the PCs are in a workgroup and access the server through file shares. There is one for their personal folder and one for company data.

The file server has 2 x 20gig hard drive mirrored for the o/s and 4 x 60gig hard drives with Raid 5 for the data. There is a tape backup system in operation.

The existing server is a Compaq. It is a white box, but you wouldn't know it is so dirty and full of dust. There is a bit of a humming noise coming from it which makes me think its on its last legs. There are no warning lights for the hard drives. It has a CD ROM drive and yes a floppy disk drive and no USB ports!

I would rather build my own server to replace the existing one rather than buy an OEM box. But when i go to the boss i need to have everything costed out in dollars and cents.

Any help in helping me to choose server hardware would be much appreciated

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September 18, 2012 at 06:25:59
In your case, where the server acts only as a file server, I would make it easy as possible.
Buy a NAS (Qnap, Synology or something like that.).

No periodic license cost, expandable, small, OS needs less memory to live, that Microsoft do aso.

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