Physical Memory Usage Very High - slow perfor

October 7, 2010 at 15:55:32
Specs: Windows Vista home premium
I hope someone can help. I have checked other posts to no avail.

I'm a novice at this...

I have an Acer Apire 5630.

Problem? Slow speed

What i've noticed? When i run task manager the Physical Memory level is up around 90% even when i have nothing running (no email etc). the CPU level is around 6% - 9% over the same period.

in task manager the biggest user seems to be Firefox and an Acer Empower Management program.

The graphic within task manager peaks ans troughs on the CPU useage but is a steady line on the Physical Memory usage.

i'm happy to post what ever details but you'll have to tell me where to find them and how to copy (sorry, novice!).

thanks so much....

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October 8, 2010 at 00:55:27
how much memory do u have? Firefox has issues with memory usage (i think there's a fix), Have u try Google Chrome? If not try it.

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October 11, 2010 at 11:45:53
Thank you.

Under Physical Memory states
total 1021
cached 356 (this moves around
free 0

under kernel memory states
total 127
paged 83
nonpaged 44

i really would appreciate any more help...

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October 30, 2010 at 18:00:42
Massive Memory Leak found On WLAN Card Driver (BCMWLTRY.EXE)
1. I have pinned about a 2.4 GB per hour memory leak to some kind of code problem within BCMWLTRY on a 64Bit OS Dell Studio 17 laptop. I strongly suspect the same problem occurs with wireless card within a 32 bit Dell Vostro. The cumulative page faults added by BCMWLTRY to the commit charges of a 64 bit OS will crash the computer when the accumulate exceeds the current sum of the RAMM plus vitual Memory allocation. You can delay thos crashes by increasing your virtual memory maximum size. I have not been able to Kill the BCMWLTRY program using MS Process Explorer, but have been able to suspend it. The BCMWLTRY will reemerge after Process explorer kills it. The composite commit charge accumulation average rate dropped to just 36,000 K per hour with BCMWLTRY suspended.
2. Now what do I lose if I delete this program?
This website confirms there has been a memory leak associate with this program since at least 2007

How to Get Rid of Bcmwltry.exe
Massive Memory Leak On WLAN Card Driver (BCMWLTRY.EXE)

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March 8, 2011 at 01:27:37
I have the same problem as above and am also using a Dell. I had posted this on another page but then found this one. Its a Dell XPS M1210 that runs on Windows Vista.
It is incredibly SLOW! It struggles to run more that 4-5 web pages even when nothing else is open and it takes an age to power up.
When you run task manager (with just five IE windows open now) it shows (under performance) a CPU usage of less than 8% but "Memory" and the "Physical Memory Usage History" guages show that is constantly at almost 100% capacity. Further details here show the following:
"Physical Memory MB"
Total- 1013
Cached 199
Free 7
"Kernel Memory MB"
Total 163
Paged 112
Non Paged 51
The system info under control panel has the following:
"Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU T5600 @1.83GHz
RAM: 1.00 GB
System Type: 32-bit Operating System"
Even my "dummies guide to computers" knowledge seems to show that the RAM is pretty low. Is this the same thing at the Physical Memory showing up under Task Manager? Would this be the cause of it all running so slow? (I've ran virus scans and deleted unwanted software)
Is there anyway of increasing RAM if this is the case? Could I buy more RAM and fit it myself or would this be incredibly difficult. Could I just supplement the exisiting RAM?
Any direction/advice/wisdom would be awesome, espeically if it means I can work like a normal person again and not have to tune out for 30 seconds between doing anything.

How would I know if my system has the memory leak BCMWLTRY noted above and if I should follow those steps? Phil, did you have any luck?

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