PCI-2 Port SATA Controller Card

Asus A8v deluxe motherboard
January 29, 2010 at 12:35:36
Specs: Windows XP, 2GB
My 5 year old SATA I WD 200GB hard drive bit the big burrito so I tried installing a WD 250GB SATA II hard drive but my ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard won’t detect the drive so I retuned the drive thinking the drive was bad and ordered another one. Same issued occurred again but this time I emailed the company that built the computer and they said try using a PC-2 Port Controller Card. So ordered and installed a controller card that had a chipset of SiL 3512A but that didn’t solve the problem. Next I checked out another computer forum and discovered that controller card chipset isn’t compatible with WD drives. In fact, WD’s website states the following: “Second Generation Serial ATA (SATA II) hard drives are not detected when connected to a VIA or SIS Serial ATA controller. These First Generation Serial ATA (SATA I) controllers include chipset VIA VT 8237R (which my motherboard possesses). Some older SATA I controllers are unable to support autos-speed negotiation and cannot recognize the drive. This “drive not detected” condition occurs when a chipset is incapable of correctly negotiating the data transfer speed with a SATA II hard drive.” I tried using a jumper on the drive to negotiate a 150 MB/s data transfer rate to no avail. After further research I discovered using a Seagate drive with a controller card that possesses a VT6421L chipset is compatible but then again another source had issues using that controller card chipset with Seagate drives. Now I’m completely at a loss…Any suggestions?

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January 29, 2010 at 12:49:05
If your computer detected the 200GB then it should detect a 250GB. Both require a 48 bit LBA compliant BIOS and OS.

If your SATA controller is not detecting a SATA II drive then set the jumper on the drive to run at SATA I speeds. Almost ALL current SATA II drives have that jumper on them. Some very high performance drives do not.

You shouldn't need to use a controller card unless your controller is what bit the dust, not the drive.

Remember that you need to install SATA controller drivers at the beginning of the installation or slipstream them into the CD files. You also need at least SP1 on the install CD.

If the information you have posted above is correct then you would need to get a controller card that doesn't use that chipset. The onboard SATA controller doesn't come into play when using an add in controller card.

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