PC used to turn off unexpectedly but now doesn't turn on

August 5, 2012 at 08:27:34
Specs: Windows 7 - 32 bit, 4gb
Suddenly my PC started turning off unexpectedly, not at a certain time or anything but seemed like it was more likely to happen when I was doing something taxing (playing a game). I tried to do somethings like looking for viruses or spyware but it seemed more likely to be a hardware problem. I set it so that a blue screen should come instead of just restarting but it never happened.

I tried booting a memtest of a USB stick but it seem my system wasn't able (or maybe I didn't understand how.

One time I turned it on and left it running to see how long it would last. When I came back several hour later the screen was showing black/white lines (not straight ones) running on the screen.

When I tried restarting the fan just spins up a few times until it starts properly (as it seems) but nothing appears on the screen. Now it only spins again and again without starting up.

I was already thinking about upgrading with a new mobo, cpu, gpu and memory but I'm a little afraid that this could be the power unit.

Any idea what is wrong, what I could do to see if the power unit is still good before buying new stuff?

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August 5, 2012 at 11:07:40
You need some kind of test to prove which way to go. The normal ways are to swap known good components. Since you may not have that available you have to use less sure means. I'd at least see if the psu is able to start up. Many web pages on that. Just a hard drive connected to it and you jump two wires on the connector. Look for all correct voltages. It should remain good voltages for as long as it is on. From then on you have to get the motherboard to boot. If you can't get to bios then motherboard, cpu, memory or add on cards could be removed to see if you can get to a beep code even. Might be able to test memory at stores if they allow it. They tend to have some small bench that could test. I used to go to Frys and they would pop memory into their board to see. If it fails then you can try that.

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