Pc Ram? Video Card? Sound card? Intel I5 661

December 4, 2010 at 06:28:54
Specs: Windows Vista
Hi guys i am building my very first p.c i have purchased the motherboard and processor which is an i5 661 3.33 and the intel motherboard 1156 DH55HC which i picked up both very cheap,i am just wondering if i will need a video card or a sound card? It does say the graphics are on the board but as im new thought it best to ask? Also im thinking of 4gb ram ddr3 dual channel 1333 is that best for this board? Also wanted to ask which size power supply should i get,im not a gamer and just want a really nice fast computer which can handle all applications very fast? If any of my questions sound silly i can only apologise as it is my first time.

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December 4, 2010 at 07:39:50
Poor motherboard choice.


The graphics & audio are built into the board so if you're not a gamer, a video card probably isn't necessary. If you find that the onboard isn't adequate for your needs, you can always add a card later. Same can be said about the RAM, you can always add more. But if you're going to run a 32-bit OS, more than 4GB is a waste.

I wouldn't go less than 400W for the power supply. Make sure you get a decent name brand unit & take a look at the amperage specs. It's generally better to get a PSU that has a single high amperage +12v rail than a PSU that has multiple +12v rails. Expect to pay at least $40-50 unless it's on sale or a rebate is involved. And beware PSUs with high amperage (more than 30A) on the +3.3v & +5v rails. This a trick some manufacturers use to falsely inflate the overall wattage rating.

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December 4, 2010 at 08:01:20
Thanks mate,really appreciated,i new the motherboard wasnt the best around however i picked it up for £40 which looked a bargain,so i snapped it up. I was going to buy a case with a 700w psu but looking at what u say i only need a 500w then,probably save me a little on cost thank you,ive seen plenty or different rams on the market e.g corsair,kingston etc,although some are cheaper than others,as im not gaming will i really see a big difference between the cheaper options? Another daft question possibly is when i have hooked all this up and boot for the first time,are there any tips you could give me? What generally happens on first boot up?

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December 4, 2010 at 08:55:00
The problem with Intel boards is the BIOS they use. It is very limited as to "tweak-ability". If you had any thoughts of overclocking, you can forget about them. The power supply is probably THE most important piece of hardware in the computer - everything depends on it. Make sure to do your homework & choose wisely. Wattage isn't as important as amperage. There are some excellent 350W units, some crappy 700W units, & all kinds in between. Stick to reputable brands & check those amperage ratings. +3.3v & +5v should be 30A or less, +12v should be 30A or more on a single rail unit, if the unit has 2 or more +12v rails, they sbould be at least 18A each.

Single-rail vs multi-rail PSUs

This article may help you determine brands:

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One very important step when building a PC is to benchtest your hardware first! There's no point installing a motherboard & the rest of the hardware in the case if it doesn't work. Here's another article:

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December 5, 2010 at 00:42:15
Thank you for info,it is helping me immensely,do you have any recommendations on psu,s? I am running on quite a tight budget and have been looking at p.c gaming cases with psus however they dont usually state what psu they have,am i definately better off buying these 2 items seperately?

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