PC not turning on at my home! Very strange!

July 10, 2010 at 02:07:24
Specs: Windows 7
My PC worked fine till about one and half
months ago, that’s when it started acting up.

One fine day, the thing refused to turn on when
I clicked the power button. I checked if there
was anything wrong with my PSU, but the
power LED on the mobo was lit. It just refused
to turn on.

I tried connecting it to a different outlet,
removing unwanted hardware, cleaning the
RAM, shorting the pins to check if there was
anything wrong with my power button. All of it

I was kept busy for the next couple of days, so
I couldn’t check for anything else. On the third
day, I tried switching it on and to my joy it
turned on. I didn’t switch it off and let it run
overnight (I usually don’t switch it off). The next
morning it was switched off and it wasn’t
turning on.

I called the service people and they took it over
to their office and it worked perfectly there. So
I took it back home and tried again, it worked
and I let on over the night. The next day I was
cleaning up and had to shut down the PC. I did
so. It turned on when I was trying to turn it on
an hour later, but the display wasn’t turning on
now. I switched it off to try again and this time
it didn’t even turn on.

I sent it back over to those guys again, and
they said there’s nothing wrong when they test
it in their office. They came over to my home
and tried another PSU, power cord, UPS,
power outlet. Nothing worked.

I was then busy for the next few weeks, and
yesterday I switched it on. It went on for 2
days, but today morning when I went over to
finish some work it had turned off and it’s not
turning on now.

I’ve called an electrician and the PC service
people over today. Right now I’m waiting for
them to get here. I hope someone could tell
me what’s going on with my PC? Should I also
call an exorcist? I seriously am dumbfounded.
Thanks in advance!

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October 8, 2010 at 21:37:48
hiii...krishnan....bro i am having the same problem as u..do u have any solution for me

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