pc locks after startup with more than 1gb ram

October 20, 2011 at 15:20:25
Specs: Windows XP
xp sp3 will load and start almost all start up programs and then locks up - only happens with more than 1 gig of ram - i have a pair of corsair 1gb ddr2 667mhz and a pair of crucial -same specs and the original pair of 533mhz 512mb ddr2 that came with the system. The two 512's will work in dimm slots 0 and 1. All the 1gb sticks will work in dimm slot 0. The lock up problem will happen lick clock work when more than 1 gb is in the machine.

Bios sees the memory.

Latest bios version is in the machine. I've methodically tried almost every bios switch to no avail.

I've booted to the Dell utility partition and ran every single test all with PASS results.

I don't understand much I see in the event viewer but nothing in system or application looks ominous or anything I can point my finger at.

The only piece of info I don't know what to do with is - I can boot to Safe Mode with 4 gb's of memory!

Any suggestions on how to narrow this down?

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October 20, 2011 at 15:22:58
You could note the exact system time when it freezes. Then shut it off, reduce the ram back to 1gb, start it up, and check the system log for that time.

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October 20, 2011 at 15:34:01
that's a good idea, I will try that... A possible problem I forsee is that the lockup isn't instant... first the mouse pointer response slows down, then clicks don't work, then after a while, maybe 30 secs, it makes one short beep, and then locks.

So, there are lots of events that happen in that time frame. However, I could notice the time it starts (as you suggested - I'm just thinking out loud) to die and check it out.

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October 20, 2011 at 20:43:15
I sure hope others add their thoughts... someone out there must have experience with this...

Regards and thanks,

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October 20, 2011 at 22:07:28
Using the advice of the last poster, Jowah, I made a note of the time the mouse pointer began its sick jerky movements ... 9:00pm. Rebooted into safe mode and looked into the Event Viewer. It appears to have been a few suspects. I Used MSconfig to boot without the Avira antivirus software services and the ATI smart service and a couple other ATI services. ATI Radeon was the video card I had in here before I took it out and have been running with the onboard video, Nnvidia. I rebooted the machine using the MSconfig tool and the modified boot.ini file? (I write a question mark because the MSconfig tool is new to me and I really don't clearly understand it, but that's what it said I was doing so...) It booted into windows with 2 gigs of RAM with no problems! So, I uninstalled the Avira and the now unused/unneeded ATI utilities and drivers. Rebooted with msconfig into normal mode and Whaa Laa. You see me running with 2 gigs... Im going to tempt fate and install the other 2 gigs of RAM to see what happens...

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October 21, 2011 at 04:59:39
Don't run it connected online without an antivirus program. Try Avast or MS Security Essentials, both are available free, Avast remains free after the 30 days if you register it. If you don't mind paying for it, Webroot's Antivirus with Spysweeper is also very good.

IF you find you need it, the best comprehensive test for memory is Memtest86 (it runs off a bootable CD that you burn and runs outside of Windows so it is unaffected by issues there.

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