PC Failing to Boot

September 10, 2010 at 07:04:04
Specs: Windows XP, intel p4, 3.0GHz sockert 478, 1 gb DDR-DIMM ram
I have a mercury 478 motherboard with Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz processor and 1 GB DDR RAM, The computer is failing to boot, fans are running the cpu red light comes on, the hard drive seems to run as well but the Case LED lights remain off, keyboard does not light up and the PC does not boot up and cannot go into bios setup page either. The events started as follows;
1. The PC was freezing just after pressing the on button & it couldn't come on until after pressing the processor reset button. it when on like this for some weeks.
2. The one day after starting the PC as described in item 1, it went freezing in the course of watching a movie. I pressed the CPU reset button but it hanged on the mercury expect more page.
3. I turned it off and tried to boot from CD so that I could reinstall the operating system but it hanged at the formatting of the disk stage. When I tried to restart the process, it completely failed to boot
4. Now, I couldn't even access the bios setup page
I suspected the power supply, and replaced it with a New one but the PC behaves the same way. The power supply comes one, the LED light on the motherboard near the processor lights up, the hard drive seems to be running, the fans are running but there is no beep sound, the LED case lights does not come on and the keyboard does not light up when the power on button is pressed. When you press and hold the on power button the PC is able to shut down. Furthermore, when the power is own and you try to press the CPU reset button, the PC does not respond
i did try to Flush the BIOS by shorting the CMOS with the jumper but no improvement, however, in the process of several trials to clear the CMOS, i at one point swicthed on the power with the jumper still in its shorting position. The PC quickly shut down the power and i couldn't start it not until i first unplugged the power cable and then connected it back. Could this burn the motherboard or the BIOS? After this scenario, i observed the problem to have been worsened. From the shorting incidence, i suspect the motherboard or some component on it being bad. I can buy a replacement for the motherboard however, i would like to understand the initial problem which was causing freezing of the screen in the process of normal running. Is it the RAM problem or the Processor itself? What are the effects of overclocking? Because i remember disabling the overclocking fuctionality in the BIOS setup?
The other thing i have tried is to remove all the componets leaving the processor alone, but the PC behaves exactly the same. It starts, but no beeps, no LED lighting on the Casing and it respond to hard shutdown when i press and hold the power button. What could be the problem?

PI865GM V 5.0 A Mercury Motherboard
Intel Pentium 4 with socket 478, 3.0 GHz
TwinMos PC3200 (CL3) 1 GB DDR-DIMM
KTS Lithium Battery (Voltage measuring at 3.04 V)

Crystal Switching Power Supplies
RED :4.98 VDC
GREY :4.22 VDC
WHITE :-4.91 VDC
GREEN :0.0
BLUE :-11.76 VDC

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September 10, 2010 at 07:17:55
Since you have replaced the powersupply and tested with only CPU & Motherboard then one of those is faulty.

Check the motherboard for any bulging or leaking capacitors.

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September 10, 2010 at 07:59:42
1. What is a CPU reset button? A CPU is a chip that fits in a socket on the motherboard, there is no way to "reset" it.

2. see above.

3. you can't fix a hardware problem by reinstalling the OS.

4. switching on the PC with the ClearCMOS jumper in the "clear" position can fry the motherboard. The info you provided about the power supply is only marginally useful. The voltages need to be within tolerance but what we need to know is the amperage ratings for the +3.3v, +5v & +12v rails...both on the original unit & the replacement. You also didn't list the wattage of either unit. Based on the name, "Crystal Switching Power Supplies", it's probably a low end piece of crap. How much did you pay for it & how much does it weigh? Good quailty power supplies come from reputable name brand manufacturers. They are relatively expensive ($50 or more) & are heavy...approx the same weight as a 2 liter bottle of soda. Cheap lightweight power supplies are built using cheap light duty components. You get what you pay for.

Either your CPU is bad, your motherboard is bad, or your new power supply is crap...or any combination of the 3.

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