PC beeps loud after added RAM & more

September 15, 2010 at 02:23:32
Specs: Windows XP, 124
At first my computer is fast then after a year i put a lot's of thing in my computer then after a year again a added to many anti virus then it suddenly shutdown and when i start it up it just suddenly shutdown after a 30 second even in bios then after a year again i decided to operate it again i put it into safe mode then it start up i remove lots of things and know i use 4GB over 90GB then the other drive 4GB i use that for paging file now i have 16GB paging file it still running slow then i shut it down then restart nothing change it is slow and shutdown after 30 seconds then i use back up file then my windows item is now repaired then it is now working fine then it is still very slow now my RAM from 256MB became 126MB then i tweak it up use Ccleaner,Defragler,Eusing registry cleaner and I install avast no Virus and nothing change then i decided to add more RAM another 256MB then after adding it i start my computer then nothing happen it is no signal and it's Beeping really loud..
now I'm using another computer for this.



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September 15, 2010 at 05:00:12
The beeping is caused by the RAM. Either it's not fully seated in it's slot or it's not compatible with your system.

XP needs at least 512MB RAM to run reasonably well, more is even better. I don't know how you can stand it with just 128MB or 256MB. Install as much RAM as your board can handle, but keep it under 3GB. And don't mess with the paging file...let Windows handle it.

"Ccleaner,Defragler,Eusing registry cleaner and I install avast no"

You don't need a separate registry cleaner, there's already one in CCleaner. Also, go to Tools > Startup & see what you have loading at startup. There are very few entries that are necessary. If you have a long list, that means you have a bunch of useless crap running & it's using up what little RAM you have.

And try a different anti-virus program. Microsoft has developed a free antivirus program - Microsoft Security Essentials - it's as good as any freebie out there & it won't nag you to buy it.


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