One normal beep, but no video

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February 15, 2010 at 16:05:51
Specs: XP Pro
Hi, my pc has been working fine for months until tonight when the following happened.
When I switched on, I think from memory I heard three bleeps and had no display, so I rebooted it and this time had just the one bleep but still no display.
I did the usual, pulled everything out and just had the cpu, memory and video card running, still no post screen and still one beep
I removed the video card and memory (tried different slots) but had no joy.
The motherboard is getting power, as all fans (6 including the CPU & Graphics card) are running, the network card light is green, even flashed yellow once or twice. Plus all 4 hard drives spin up.
Even with no memory in place I get just the same one bleep (shouldn't I be getting three?)
I have no spares, so can't swap out anything.
So before I go and buy a cheapie graphics card is there anything else I could try or could the motherboard be at fault?
I know there probably isn't a difinitive answer so I'll have to buy replacements knowing the original may not faulty!

(monitor works with other pc's)

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February 15, 2010 at 20:03:15
So u have another pc. Try to test the graphic card and memory. If u remove ram and u still get the same beep then the memory is bad. Try to insert & remove ram 4 or 5 times.

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February 15, 2010 at 21:27:38
To me it sounds like RAM. But you must have some RAM or the computer will not boot. The Computer does not require a Video Card to boot -- you just won't see anything. But it does require a keyboard and a properly hooked up Floppy if connected. (The most & greatest improper connection failure) The computer will halt with any wrong connection, such as a bent power pin, or a cable that is installed backwards.

First I would remove RAM and clean the contacts with a pencil eraser to polish the contacts. Then use something like Tech Spray Isopropyl Alcohol (99% pure leaving no oily residue). If you are using more than one slab of RAM try only one slab. I also would run "Memtest86" (free) on each slab to detect memory errors. Memtest86 runs on a simple basic bootup floppy.

Now you can also test if it is your video card by simply using a basic floppy disc which boots into a DOS prompt. (Listen to the definite clicks on a friends PC when you use a floppy, its easy and simple knowing when you reached the prompt and which point you can shut down the PC and know whether your computer can boot to the point of loading an OS. )

If you can boot to the prompt it is your video card. I would also clean the Video card contacts, as discussed above. Make sure everything is properly seated, and all connected both power and data cables are properly seated.

Also you don't need a hard-drive to test the boot process. You can disconnect everything but a stick of memory, a floppy drive, and a keyboard, then replace device after device until you reach the device causing the problem using just a basic floppy disc after each added device. By using the floppy, it not only saves time to do each process, but also excludes any software and/or driver issues.

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February 15, 2010 at 23:11:37
Many thanks for replies, will try the ram cleaning and floppy route. (don't normally have one in place)
My other pc's are all much older, runing AGP cards and the ram has been running fine and it's Corsair DDR2 TWINX 2GB PC6400, so I don't think it will run on the other pc's, but I might have a lower speck stick that should work in my pc; I'll double check.
If it is a RAM problem shouldn't I get differing beeps?
If the RAM is working does it sound likely to be the video card af fault?

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February 16, 2010 at 00:33:04
If the motherboard has onboard video try it.

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February 16, 2010 at 10:04:46
Have now tried all the cleaning and added a floppy drive.
Now its been absolutely ages since I've used a floppy, and upon powering up all I get is the LED lighting, no noise at all, but that's without putting a disk in it, if i re-boot with a disk in I can here "searching" going on for about 10 seconds or so, now the only problem with that disk is that it is a pre-programmed disc from an old network card I had spare. I currently have no way of formatting it or getting hold of a blank one. Do I need to be using a blank disk?
Another thing that is troubling me is the keyboard, my main one is USB and there is no sign of life (though it works on another pc), so I have tried two PS2 ones and again no LEDS flash on at boot and nor do the Caps lock light.
So I'm none the wiser.
BTW, when I first put the VGA card in after all the cleaning etc, I forgot to put the extra power lead on and I got the one huge long screaming beep, so something works!!

(Just a refresh, though I have a few other pc's, they are all old and do not use PCI express or the same memory and there is no onboard VGA)

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February 16, 2010 at 12:07:54
The BIOS does hundreds of checks before reaching POOL, after it checks POOL, it is ready to load whatever OS you have.
If it happens to be DOS, so be it, it loads whatever you give it. In your case your not passing all the BIOS checks. If you have a SOLID light without any beeps that indicates to me, that there is either a data cable or power cable backwards installed or some device not properly seated. The indication is a solid light - the computer freezes - and just sits there.

If you have all connections correct, but a device is bad, then you will receive various beeps indicating the device. In that case, Look thru your manual to find which BIOS you have, then go to google and search the BIOS beep codes for your bios.
To answer your question does it matter if it is a blank disc ?
Yes and no -- you don't need anything on the disk to pass thru all the checks -- what it will do is simply halt and state:
"Cannot find ""xxxxx loader"" whichever loader for your operating system. But if you get that far then everything is fine because it indicates that all checks have passed, the motherboard, RAM, Video, etc are all OK.

Your problem is getting past all the checks. Try re-seating all of your devices, or just pull them out of the PC and start up with the very minimum as discussed above.

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