Solved Older gateway desktop trying to get a boot to work for XP

February 8, 2013 at 13:53:51
Specs: Window XP home, Pentium 4 1024
Hi, so I asked yesterday the wrong question I Think, thank you for whoever answered it but I think what I meant to say was I have a copy of windows XP home edition and trying to load it on the Gateway, but I'm not sure how to work the bios, it's confusing for me. I know that I am supposed to be able to boot the computer from Windows XP, but every time I try it, it says please insert a operating system. The only thing that I can think is wrong is the two disc drives that I have are to play CDs or is a CD ROM no DVD drive, would that matter? So if there's anybody that can walk me through this silly bios configurations please do. Thank you all very much!

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February 8, 2013 at 14:10:58
I'm not sure if you have to reconfigure the BIOS. You should be able to put the disc in and boot from it according to default settings. If not, you could hold down the key to give you a choice of where to boot from (F12 on my Toshiba laptop). Once you get booted, installation should be easy from there on.

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February 8, 2013 at 15:03:15
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Please take your email off you post or you'll get flooded with spam mail. If you have an XP cd like you say you do, you need to access the BIOS at boot up to change the boot order of the machine. I understand for a Gateway, it's the F1 or F2 key you tap while it's booting up. Maybe it will say on the splash screen while it's booting. Look for something at the bottom of the screen that says press F1 to enter setup. After you enter the BIOS, look for a category called Boot Order. Use the arrow keys to select first boot as CD Rom. Save the changes and exit. Put the XP cd in the tray and reboot. Watch for a message saying" Press any ket to boot from CD. " It happens quick and doesn't last long, so press a key quickly when you see the message. This should cause your computer to boot from the XP cd. Follow the onscreen directions to create a partition and install XP. When installation begins and it reboots the first time, Do Not press a key the second time around or you'll start all over again. Good Luck !!!

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