Old PC shuts down after being moved/touched!

October 11, 2011 at 20:39:24
Specs: Windows 7, Dual Core 2.9Ghz 2 RAM
The problem with my computer is that whenever i move or touch the case of my computer, it shuts down, and wont turn back on. All these problems began when installing a new video card after upgrading pc to windows 7.(old video card wasnt compatible.)(fyi, this is a pretty old computer, 5-6 years old..)

next day.......

I hit the computer case on accident, and it shut down, and wont turn back on. i pushed some in farther to make sure they were in properly. I pressed the power button, it was fixed, no problem.(i dont think i changed anything by pushing in the cables)

Next day,

accidentaly hit the case with my foot, shut down(sigh). tried turning it on again, no work. I found a pretty loose cable, pushed it in, computer turn on turned on. Wierd.

Next day,

sitting at my desk, i AGAIN hit the case (uggg) Shut down. Wont turn on. Opened it up again, having no clue what was wrong, and unplugging wires and back in for a while, i gave up. My new video card was having some recent problems, so i took it out and back in, the lights flashed for a second, then shut down. All these problems started after installing the video card. Any ideas? Im thinking its either the motherboard battery, since it hasnt been changed in over 5 years, the power supply, same thing. other then that i have no idea. PLEASE HELP!

Thanks everybody,

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October 12, 2011 at 01:06:19

This is similar to something i fixed a few weeks ago, the guy had removed his hard drives to slave into another machine, when he returned them back into his PC, everytime he touched the case the pc would turn off.

When i opened up the case i noticed he has some how pushed the heatsink and fan assembly out of the motherboard. therefore it was not cooling down the CPU properly. so when he nudged the case, the heatsink would 'jump' off of the CPU and the pc would shutdown.

Have a look and see if you have also loosened the heatsink from the CPU.

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October 12, 2011 at 15:24:27
I checked the heatsink but that doesnt seem like its the problem. Im thinking it might be the power supply. I also recently got a new video card, which had some problems. could that be the problem?

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October 12, 2011 at 21:40:55
Did you make sure you unplugged the computer before you changed the video card? If you did not, then you may have damaged the MB or card.

Try unplugging and resetting all connectors and all cards including the memory.

Also look for anything that is looser than normal that might indicate something that was pushed or bumped and damaged on the motherboard.

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