old HDD into a new rig with an SSD

September 13, 2012 at 08:57:22
Specs: Windows XP
hi, i recently came into a rather large amount of money and am buying a high end gaming rig to finally replace my 7 year old fossil. I have a 500gig HDD installed in my old pc that has windows xp 32 bit home edition, this drive has over 7 years of photos and video files that take up roughly 400gig of space. My new ssd is only a 128gig so storage space is minimal.

What i want to know is:
1. is it possible to just put my old hardrive straight into my new rig as a slave.

2. do i need to uninstall the old windows from my old hardrive

3. will i be able to access all my files and programs on the old drive.

4. can i transfer programs over to the new drive (game programs etc eg: world of warcraft, starcraft)

Any and all advice on this is greatly appreciated

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September 13, 2012 at 09:16:35
1) as long as their sata/ide connectors in the new unit, yes, no problem.
2) no you will not have to uninstall the old windows,the puter will boot off the primary drive with the active partition.
3) yes you will be able to access your files, if they were made private you might have to take ownership of them, but in most cases you should have access. If not you can certainly gain access.
4) NO, the programs are not transferrable as they are "installed" and simply copying over the files will not make the changes in the registry etc like installing does. You can copy over your saved game play, and you can copy the install file over and reinstall, but simply copying over the files won't work. You may be able to continue playing them off the old drive, but not by copying files.

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September 13, 2012 at 09:50:33
What kind of "gaming rig" comes without a conventional HDD? The SSD should be used for Windows, your security software, & maybe a few important apps only. Games should NOT be installed to the SSD. You should consider adding a fast 1GB (or larger) HDD for your programs & games.

As for your question about the 500GB HDD, that's been covered above. But why haven't you backed up your "over 7 years of photos and video files" to CDs or DVDs by now? If that drive were to fail, you'd be screwed! Get those files backed up ASAP.

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September 13, 2012 at 19:53:21
All of your answers are above.
If your new rig has a new large fast hard drive, fine, if it does not, get one.
Install the old hard drive as a third drive and transfer all of your personal files over to the new hard drive. Then format the old drive and use it as a back up location for Windows 7 automatic back ups so that you will have that added level of protection. Putting an additional copies onto DVD's or an external drive is not a bad idea anyway, but that is up to you and how important these files are to you personally. I have always taken the hard drive out of my previous machine and installed it this way since it makes file transfers fast and easy and gives me that easy back up security and I do not need to remember to plug in a back up drive or load a bunch of DVD's regularly. Easier, means it will get done. Always.

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