Nvidia gts 450/GTX550Ti,what brand?

November 28, 2011 at 00:03:31
Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service pack 1, Intel core 2 duo e4600@2.4Ghz/2GB DDR2 667Mhz
hi,there i have a lots of questions and all are relative on each others:
Here's the thing,
1.I'm getting a graphic card and below were my choices:
1.msi gtx 550 Ti oc edition
(Well this:,i saw a lot being sold as open box,so i;m afraid tat the 1 i'm getting is an open box product,additionally,it is sold significantly cheap compared to other gtx 550Ti.so,hw do i know it;s an open box or fresh from manufaturer(those sellers were good at selling 2nd hand product as 1st hand)
And,is this msi gpu a gud 1,i mean it's durability(running 6hrs/day non-stop/)and it's component quality(gud cooler bt only using solid capacitors'noyhing else as i know)
Lastly 4 this gpu,it's and oc edition,i'm informed tat no matter how:OC does effect chips life(no to say it will be dead;performance reduced over time),So,can i underclock the card to it's default????

2.it's asus directcu gts 450(actually,it's performance is enough 4 me)
SO,it's just 5 dollar less than above card
(asus states it will run only 20c cooler than compared to msi',23 celcius cooler than referance card.Also,is it any better in terms of quality and durability(their pcb,boards use thicker copper,i heard),lastly,their cooler exhausts hot air into casing,have do i make ventilation for it(including msi cyclone too)

3.It's EVGA gts 450.it's the cheapest i can get.
But i nvr heard it any gud cooling(like asus use directcu n msi use cyclone).Bt claims no.1 seller in usa.I heard it's good at ocing,which is useless for me,bt hw's the card especially,my ambient temperature here is quite high(damn hot,enough to make 1 sweat,like 30-32c in afternoon),Bt it exhaust hot air out of casing,gud??Components quality,nvr heard of them.

4.Leadtek WinFast GTX550 Ti OC
This card is very rare,bt hw it compares to other,i saw it have a beafy cooler,bt tat's visually,don't know hw it performs in real life.next,is a gud card,same quaestions as evga gts 450.

5.evga gtx 550 ti,oc edition,same questions as evga gts 450 especially it's oc edition.(higher temperature)

6.it's msi gts 450,also oc edition,i think to underclock,is it ok.Also,it have no vram heatsink,so does tat matter for cards eprformance and lif??

7.Lastly,this gt my attention,it's cheap,same as gts 450 asus price,2gb ram,ddr5,bt it;s leadtek and OC edition,so,should i choose this card,nvr heard abt leadteks,anything better/worse than those asus and msi??

So,i know this is a to loong post,bt guys pls,take trouble to help,i really need it,plsss??
Give me a professional and solid answers,(help me coose above card only,pls)

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November 28, 2011 at 03:13:53
- Your post is difficult to read
- Your CPU(c2d e4600) is going to limit the perfomance of both GTS 450 and GTX 550 Ti.
- If u are not going to change CPU stick to the cheap GTS 450 but if the price difference is very small(like u said 5 bucks) grab GTX 550 Ti.
- I heard newegg have good deals on open box video cards. According to user reviews open box video cards works fine, some comes with 3 years of warranty.
- As long as u know what u are doing overclocking can never harm your components.

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