Nvidia GT 520 OR Onboard garohics won't work! Help!

March 14, 2012 at 00:01:40
Specs: Windows 7, AMD Athelon x2 8GB DDR3 RAM
Ok, i have a problem :P
Heres what happened
I got 2 new monitors for my pc, so i would have triple monitors
I already had onboard graphics and a Nvidia GT 520 (Not the best, i know) Then i didided to use my ATI Readon 9250 (Crap aswell)
After i got that installed i booted up, but the Nvidia wasnt enabled
So i tryed to install the drivers to the ATI card, with no luck. I finally gaveup and took out the ATI card.
Then i connected 2 monitors to the Nvidia, which worked fine.
Then, i dicided to try to get the 3rd monitor working, so i booted down and took out the Nvidia and pluged in a DVI cord into the onboard graphics
(I did that to turn on the onboard graphics)
it worked fine, so i booted down and put in the Nvidia card, along with the 2 other monitors
So all together, i had 2 cords in the Nvidia and 1 on the onboard graphics
I started up, none of the monitors worked
I took the DVI cord out of the onboard graphics, still the same thing
I took out the Nvidia and tryed just the onboard graphics, still got no connection Then i even tryed putting in the ATI card, still no luck
Some poeple are saying it could be the motherboard, but i just got the computer 3 months ago
But, w[hen i plugin the Nvidia card, the fan spins and everything
So i dont know why its not getting a signal
I am SURE everything is pluged in and connected
Ive tryed using DVI and RBG
So i really dont know what to do, any help would be appreciated

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March 14, 2012 at 05:32:40
I don't believe most motherboards support using the onboard graphics with a distinct graphics card as well. The two graphics cards would have worked if both were the same type (both Nvidia, etc.) as long as you had enough power to run them and you have enough slots.
Try to see if you can get into your BIOS set up with just the onboard graphics and/or just one card and one monitor. If you can then try resetting defaults. Then in your BIOS, set your graphics to 'use onboard graphics only if PCIe graphics are not present' or similar if available (I doubt there will be a 'both' available, but choose what is best. If you do not have more than one PCIe slot, you need to see if there is an option for enabling PCIe and PCI at the same time, but possibly not, especially on a factory BIOS if you want to try a second graphics card again. Save, exit and restart.
If you can not get into windows but were able to get into BIOS then you may need to do a repair/start up repair of windows.

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