Not all computer are the same

April 26, 2009 at 09:47:16
Specs: Windows 98, 8/8
My neighbor gave me his old (not running ) Dell computer he got years ago. Had a bad power supply so I found another weeks later and fixed that, and it took off running like olden days. Fine I thought, and loaded up my software onto it then.

Month or two later, he found out it was going again. If you got that one going then how about Thissa one too? With that he slipped an identical Dell over the fence to me.

I did not even plug the second one in to the wall until years later. Years later on the replacement power supply was giving glitches, and time to fire off that other "Identical" one then, and see if it is OK then. One afternoon, he explained to me how he and an original neighbor teamed up and bought these many, many years ago. He bought his one. Then his neighbor saw it, liked it and went to same place to get another one. Not so. It may have been running 98 and same case etc. but was then more expensive.

So same day, neighbor went to another store to get same model. Other than the monitor, could get one in five days. Loaded up with same software and going, 'cept was another $300 cheaper. Came due a few days later, and the two new computer lovers were going at it.

A decade later on I then get both here, for free. The one that is glitching may not be power supply after all, but memory. I open up the case to both Dell computers, and ... the second one from the discounter has a whole different looking motherboard inside and memory banks. So the latecomer gets the power supply from the earlier working one, and the hard drive too, and it is going now, and the earlier one I got is set asside now. However, deep down, I know each Dell really is slightly different, even though the case swaps out, and they have identical owner's Manuals etc.

Only "looks" the same.


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April 26, 2009 at 10:33:36
So you finally learned that no two are alike even though they look the same? The same thing hold true for two snowflakes....


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