nokia bluetooth headset bh-101 How to replace battery?

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April 9, 2020 at 04:39:47
Specs: Lubuntu, 2GB

I posted this question here:

But the answer I got in that forum was that I should not try to do that.

Would anyone be so nice to provide me with any useful tip that lets me lift the corresponding printed circuit board without breaking anything to be able to replace the battery of this bluethooth headset?

Thanks in advance.

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April 9, 2020 at 05:11:47
This video may may be for your specific model, but will at least show you what’s likely involved.

If you’re not reasonably adept and skilled with soldering iron and working on small pcb systems, you might not be wise to try it? If you do, be prepared for possible failure, but start with a “prepare for worst but aim and hope for the best outlook”.

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April 9, 2020 at 15:36:00
Thanks for the video link you posted. Nonetheless that video displays an item, the board of which is not stuck as mine. I added some more pictures displaying the 2 edges of my printed circuit board that are attached by means of 3 plastic pieces to the rest of the black case:

And for some reason, the board does not come out. I am afraid that if I pull too much I might break the board.

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April 9, 2020 at 16:15:31
Likely the cct board slips in over those little lugs; which may have a sloping side facing outwards, and flat surface underneath; and it's that flat surface (a slight overhang) which is the problem... I doubt the board as actually glued in.

You "might" manage to ease the board from under them one at a time without breaking the board, but it's not guaranteed you won't snap or damage the board in the process. It is equally possible you might damage those lugs in the process and thus not be able to return the board securely?

If those three lugs are in effect mini posts over which the board was slipped (or gently forced down) and then it's trapped under an edge, an overhang on each, I doubt you'll get the board out without damaging it - or the lugs/posts?

These devices (just one of many small component assemblies) are not meant to serviced in general; even though many pholks out there are quite able to solder at that level of finesse.

Are you able to obtain the required battery?

Do you feel you can stand the loss of the device if the board does crack, or the retainers break?

If the latter (the retainers) did break then a wee dab of something like silicone caulking, or a soft glue similar to that used to stick credit cards to paper (when sending them to the owner) might be suffice to hold the board in place; or a true glue - although a true glue would not allow any future removal of the board; whereas a soft caulking type adhesive or similar might?

Likely if this was being serviced by a dedicated service centre for the product, they'd probably give you another unit - or possibly snap out the board and insert a new one... ; charging you as if your had been repaired? The duff board assembly would go back to a recovery site to recover the precious metal content.

I tied to take a plug in dimmer unit apart, to replace the SCR which had failed. There was no way to remove cct. board without very likely damaging it, snapping it. And there was another device which presented the same dilemma; and I finally gave up on it. And I don't quit easily, as a lot of kit out there can be repaired - if you know how, and/or have the tools, skills, and patience; thus saving you money...

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April 9, 2020 at 16:19:36
One remote possibility... a small file across those lugs might allow you to remove the board - after you've filed away some of the plastic edging which is trapping the board? A needle file might be possible/viable; either half round, three square (triangle shaped) or even a flat style. Needle files are often invaluable in these sort of situation?

And of course a decent magnifying glass so as to see exactly whats what and how you're doing...

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April 9, 2020 at 17:04:15
With only 3 lugs, it looks it is designed to lift & slide ( opposite ) away from those lugs.

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