No power up to power all The Time??

January 17, 2011 at 23:26:57
Specs: Gateway MX7118, 787MHz/448MB
Having this problem on a used Gateway MX 7118. Best Buy said Mobo so I changed it. Worked for about 4 hours then did same thing as before when the old Mobo was in it. Which was, press start button, it would light the power button, but nothing from the screen. It would stay powered up for 10 secs... off for 3... back on for 10 more secs, then just shut down. Not passing POST I believe? Same thing I had before the new Mobo change. So I put the old Mobo back in and it worked for about 2 hrs then I got a "wallpaper" looking screen, (which I might add, I got with the new Mobo a couple times also) anyway, with the old Mobo back in, sitting there with a "wallpaper looking screen" (blue/white lines vertical) I shut it down and restarted it. That gave me the blank blue screen (BSOD) and after shutting down again...yep...power up/power down crap again. Well I think I went a little out of my leauge and pulled the battery on the Mobo to reset the Bios. NOW..once I install the battery or plug in ac adapter it powers up continuously and WON'T shut down. All I get is one flick of the screen, kinda a light blue color then it goes black. So did I screw up the bios for the video card or maybe thats been the intermittent problem all along? Making the system fail the POST test? I guess I don't understand why it would power up ALL the time now. Some good Gateway help would be nice...Thanks

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January 18, 2011 at 05:42:03
From the symptoms you describe, I would suspect a failed power supply. Since you changed the mobo, I'm assuming you cleaned out all the dust etc, which could cause an overheating problem, resulting in a shut down. By removing the battery, it just reset the bios to the default setting. It could be a bad video chip, a bad monitor or a power supply. Try the monitor on a working machine to eliminate that. If it works, you could try a new video card, but I would suspect the power supply.

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January 18, 2011 at 10:56:39
Thanks for the info Grasshopper. I did measure output of power supply and it right @ 18.4 volts output as stated on label. Maybe you know something I don't about the power but it sounds in range for me. I was reading an article that said sometimes there is a addition to the bios to make it compatible with type of pc? Not sure about all this bios stuff. Thought resetting and clearing was two different operations? I just don't get the part where it starts up on it's own whenever it gets a power source and the power button is not functioning. I did try an external monitor and that did not work, so maybe video chip is bad. Again why the automatic power up confuses me.

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