Solved no power on Gateway all in one

July 20, 2017 at 05:09:45
Specs: Windows 10
Tried to turn on this morning and there is no response. the AC Adapter Power Charger connects the PC to a power outlet only shows a green (power light) when not connected to the PC itself. Have had no issues until today.This AC Adapter Power Charger has a light that is green when power is present, when the AC Adapter Power Chargers disconnected from computer it is green (on) however, when I connect it to the computer the light goes off and I have no power to my computer. I have tried plugging the power cord into 3 different outlets, and there is still not response from the computer--no fan, no visual,

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July 20, 2017 at 05:40:58
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Exact model would be useful here; but I suspect the ac adapter is possibly defective.

That the led shows green when plugged into mains and not the computer, and then goes out when connected to the computer may indicate the adapter is (has failed); and is not able to deliver correct volts out under load (when connected to the computer).

I note that Gateway is now Acer? I have had an (now an antique)n Acer laptop since XP days; it still works OK.. However I have replaced/renewed the Acer branded mains adapter twice in that time. Likewise my brother has had similar experiences with his assorted Acers.

Many of these adapters are running close to their limits and will fail in due course. Some (many) also get a little warm under normal use; some even get "quite warm". Those latter invariably are cheaper makes (far eastern cheap makes) and they "will" fail...

See if you can borrow a known to be OK adapter and test your Gateway with that. If it does work with another adapter then you likely know the answer... Go on Amazon and search for your specific model adapter. Read the reviews for any you find - read them carefully. Don't buy the cheapest, buy one that ideally is Acer/Gateway branded - and gets a decent review. Note too that the tip size is important - which s why you need to get the correct replacement adapter. Tips sizes (the actual power in plug into the computer varies across various makes/models of tablets, laptops, all in one units.

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