No lights, but there's power

July 19, 2009 at 00:07:32
Specs: Windows XP
I was typing on my laptop, and all of a sudden the screen went black. I now can't it to show back up. There is power in the laptop because I have a fan connected and it turns on, but only when I hold the power button down. What is wrong..?

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July 19, 2009 at 02:28:36
Funny things laptops at times, they can get hung up and the only way to sort it is to remove all power.

First thing I would try is to diconnect the power cord and remove the battery. That will ensure that power is completley removed. Wait a few seconds. Reinsert battery and power cord and try again.

If that doesnt work, get back and well think of something else.


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July 19, 2009 at 18:32:46
How old is this laptop and how much has it been used?

If it's older, and/or if it's been used a lot, it's quite common for you to have a burnt out backlight , or a defective voltage inverter that supplies high voltage to the backlight, and either problem can cause no display at all.
A common symptom of a backlight that is failing is there is an overall tint to the screen for a while before it fails - often pink - if you have seen that, your backlight is probably burnt out.

The wiring for everything in the lid obviously has to go through the hinge. After the lid has been opened and closed a lot, it's quite common for some wires in that wiring to get broken. In that case, you MAY get a display when the lid is in (a) certain position(s), and not get a display when it's in other positions. It's common to have to replace the wiring between the lid and the base of the computer.

If any of those things is your problem, if there is nothing else wrong with your computer, if you plug a monitor into it's VGA port when it's off, then boot, you will get video and everything will be normal on that monitor.

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