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June 10, 2010 at 13:36:17
Specs: Windows XP
just bought a Dell Latitude C510/C610 will post to the bios ok but will not find the new hard drive I just bought is an 80 Gb WD. When I go to the bios I can only change the date on the first screen I cannot move down to any other options on screen 1. page 2-7 I can move down by pressing the down arrow. I am thinking a bios flash failure might have caused this. In the mean time I have loaded Linux Slax on a cd and can access internet and do some stuff ....but would like to get hard drive working I read earlier in this thread that once bios has been upgraded to A16 this laptop will recognize bigger drives ...looks like this system has the A16 revision as it says at the post screen but the bios does not see the hard drive for some reason....I am wondering if the bios did not flash properly. Also tried a smaller hd (60 Gb)it won't recognize that one either...I am thinking of trying to reflash the bios....other option is to run OS off cd or perhaps get an external HD??? Any Idea's anyone????

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June 10, 2010 at 14:11:27
If you're in the BIOS, chances are that it is not corrupt. If a BIOS goes bad, you usually cannot even get into it. You might have to UNLOCK the BIOS Setup, it MAY be password protected.

If you go to Pg. 2, and under ****BOOT ORDER****, if it says "Configure Setup is disabled", then there is a setup password on that BIOS. You would need to enter in the PW on Pg. 7 in order to UNLOCK the setup then.

Re: Pg. 1 on BIOS setup, time & date are all you CAN change.

As far as the system not recognizing the HDD, did you put the HDD Pin adapter on the HDD? Looks like this:

If the hardware system is healthy, it should see something there as a HDD, even if the BIOS is older, it might see a 60 or 80 Gb HDD as only a 20 Gb. But when you boot up into a newer OS like XP, Vista etc, the OS will see the full HDD size usually, even if the BIOS doesn't.

If it doesn't see any healthy, properly connected HDDs there could an issue with that HDD controller on the MB.

Just another stupid saying...

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